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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis Hamilton View Post
    Dont make the switch - you will regret it...
    Switched a month ago. So far so good.
    Why do you not recommend it? Side effects?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy C View Post
    That is exactly why it is on the "do not split" list. Men need to be careful to ensure that the women in their lives are not exposed to it.

    BTW, I met a man last weekend who told me he has been taking 1/4 of a Proscar tablet every other day for the past few years. He said he feels this works just as well as taking a 1mg Propecia tablet every day. Just thought I would share that. My Bo is going to try this. However he is 50 years old and a Norwood VI so I don't have much faith that it will help him much - but time will tell if it does or not.
    What is a Bo?

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    A Bo means "loved one" or spouse.

    Tracy I would disuade him from taking Finasteride, it states it is highly unlikely to work on areas where men have been bald for years so he could be taking these tablets and risking the sides for no gain. If he's been taking it for years he should have noticed some improvements? Anyway at 50 hes probabaly one of the majority of men who are bald at that age and it's actually seen as normal.

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