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    Default my treatment at his hair clinic (still ongoing)

    Hi guys,

    I thought I'd start a new thread for smp. I've been a hair loss sufferer now for about 10 years. I started losing my hair when I was 21ish. I 1st just shaved it off but I really didnt like the look and after a few years I came across hair systems. I have been using hair systems now for about 3 years but I'm moving abroad to work in a rather hot, humid country and I just thouyght maintaining a hair system out there would be too much effort so I started researching SMP.

    I'm not trying to bash hair systems. They are a lot of work but it does get easier with time and I simply loved the transformation with it on.

    anyway back to SMP. I had my 1st treatment a couple of days ago. it took a little over 2 hours. I was a little painful especially around the temples and the crown area but its not the worst thing to undure (just grit your teeth and you will be fine). I did experience some redness but it has all but faded now. I am of indian origin so I my dark complexion conceals the effects a lot more than if you have a lighter skin tone.

    They told me before I took the treatment that it wouldn't look right and appear more dotty. I've got my next treatment scheduled for this week so hopefully it will start looking more realistic.

    so far though I'm still quite happy with the 1st treatment results. I think because I have a better idea of how the end result will look (if everything goes well that is).

    I'm not trying to promote a product such as HIS here (i'm sure other practitioners can offer similar results) but I do think SMP in general isn't a dodgy "solution" to hair loss. Its worth doing your research into it.

    I have some photos of my head but I can't seem to find a way of uploading them to this site.

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