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    Default Increased dosage update

    after 400 days on increased dosage I was so happy with my results
    Now i'm on 15 months and have been going through a real real bad shed.
    I can't even believe it because like 3 or 4 weeks ago I was feeling good and now i'm worse than ever.
    I don't understand how finasteride can work so good for me and then just stop.
    The funny thing is that I don't really notice the hairfall for example on my hands or in the sink or shower... it must be happening most when I wash my hair.
    Is this just a bad shed and it will come in better than ever.. i'm not sure because it's difuse thinning and the sides and temples going back like crazy.

    I'm thinking of trying RU but I don't like the idea of buying all kinds of chemicals and mixing it.

    Feels so bad to go through this, I sure we all can relate.

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