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    Default 26 with thinning hair

    I've been worried about my hair for over 6 months. I have thinning by my part starting at my hair line and going back about an inch or so. People tell me they don't notice it so it's not bad at this point. I'm very worried that it will be noticeable soon. My hair doesnt fall out in clumps. I feel like I'm going bald one hair at a time.

    I saw mh dermatologist 6 months ago and she said temporary hair thinning is normal and i shouldn't worry. Previously she thought I had PCOS. My ob/gyn tested me for PCOS and my results were negative. I'm on spironolactone already for acne (50 mg twice a day).

    I will make another appointment with my derm very soon. I hope she will take my concerns seriously. Should I start using Rogaine? Is being overweight a factor? I ask this because I notice a lot of overweight women have thinning hair. I'm about 50 lbs overweight myself.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtay86 View Post
    I ask this because I notice a lot of overweight women have thinning hair. I'm about 50 lbs overweight myself.
    I have noticed that as well. However I don't know if they have thinning hair because they are over weight or if they became over weight because of the depression associated with thinning hair. I can say that in my case I became overweight as a result of the depression. When I started treatment and my hair started growing back, I also started taking better care of myself and my weight started dropping.

    It is very important for a woman to find out what is causing her hair loss and treat the cause. Rogaine can help, but Rogaine can only do so much for you. It treats the symptom but no the cause. You need to determine what is causing the thinning and treat it if possible. Again using my case as an example, I use Rogaine and my doctor gave me a script for Spironolactone to treat the cause.


    If one doctor doesn't take you seriously, go to another. If you can find a dermatologist who specializes in treating hair loss, that would be best. Such a doctor is more likely to take you seriously.

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