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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrium View Post
    Quite a few of those ingredients have actual evidence behind them.
    It not good quality evidence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrium View Post
    I mean, the alternative to those parts of Revita or Regenepure is nothing, just a plain ketoconazole shampoo.
    Though Regenepure or Revita are better than no Ketoconazole shampoo at all, there is no good quality evidence that suggests they are any better than Nizoral. However, if Nizoral were not available, I would use Regenpure myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrium View Post
    I don't see any particular reason to doubt that they really contain ketoconazole (or they could get in pretty severe legal trouble), and I'm fairly sure the manufacturers have said it's 1%.
    Unless the manufacturer states on the bottle, as they are required to do so in the U.S., you cannot be "fairly sure" they have 1% Ketoconazole in them. All you are basing this on is the say so of an obvious lunatic who happens to be a member of this forum. The manufacturers have never publicly declared how much Ketoconazole is them. It would be in their best interest to do so - unless they are trying to avoid a law suite.

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