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    Update i have received another mail from them and they say they made a mistake and as said refunded half order so that is £111 so it looks like im getting three months treatment whether i like it or not they have said its a misunderstanding to be fair and thought i only wanted the second three months trx cancelled which is strange as my first three months was in may 12 anyway they have said the recurring payments have now been stopped but they state i can rejoin again in future if you want they said you really need to use over five months or more to get any benefits.

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    Random question for all long term users of Trx2: Has anyone experienced any heart related side effects such as palpatations etc?

    I was experiencing chest sensations and palpatations last night, BUT there most definitely other things that could be causing this in my life. JUST wondering if anyone else has experienced this as trx2 claims to work on pottasium channels and has 191mg of potassium chloride in it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sizzlinghairs View Post
    @zedcars, thanks for your update.

    Just curious if you had been taking any kind of anti-dht treatments before trx2? Have you been using any other treatments while using trx2 besides the vit c?

    In terms of shedding, have you noticed any reduction at all? Their study states that month 18 was the max they looked in to. I would say give it 2 years (will probably be flamed for this) to see if anything materializes before throwing in the towel. I have read some studies stating that results on Fin fully materialized after 2 years.

    I have been on trx2 for around 19 months and I believe it has halted my shedding and loss. Since adding msm/vit c I think things have thickened up a bit more (definitely not sure about this). Maybe I just have less aggresive loss so its working better for me.

    I will say there have been days while on trx2 where it didnt look like anything had happened at all and that I diffused out even more. But those days turned out to be some sort of phase and then things would normalize again. It is definitely strange.
    Hi sorry for late reply!

    No, I wasnít taking any anti-dht treatments before trx2.

    Itís now over 6 years after I started. My hair is much worse. Iím giving up. Such a waste of money.

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    Absolutely shit product. I took it for two years at least. Got completely mugged. Steer clear. Hope their offices burn down.

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