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    I have been using alpecin for a year and my hair is the still the same as it was before I started using it, although i find a lot less hairs in the sink and my hairline hairs seem longer than they used to be. Could this be a placebo because I hear a lot of bad reviews on here and I I am confused whether or not I should start stronger measures to combat hair loss.

    Any one else have experience with this shampoo and think it is of benefit?

    Below is my story with pictures also so that may help :

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    I've also used Alpecin caffeine shampoo for over a year. Unfortunately for me, it hasn't reduced the amount of hairs shedding after my shower. If it however works for you, continue using it. It doesn't matter whether it is a placebo effect or not. Each and every product affects all of us differently. If Alpecin appears to work, regardless of the reason, my advice is to continue with it. Eventually, you'll probably want to supplement it with Propecia, Minoxidil and Nizoral. Best of luck to you in your fight against this most terrible affliction!

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