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    What are you doing to prevent your balding? I see lots of fairy tales of the mystical popular bald man but little in the way of real-world advice.

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    If you are that bothered by your baldness and transplants are out of the question and meds seem unrealistic for you then how about investing in a male wig that looks and is styled in the way your own hair was even down to the texture .. the only people who would know are your family, close friends and people at work and all they will care about is that the wig does not fall on their sandwiches while you are making them!

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    I don't think any man wants to subject themselves to a wig. I'd rather be a smooth NW7 than be worried about a rug glued to my head in public. And, how are you supposed to get intimate with a chick you don't know that well with a wig on? IDK. I'm not dissing guys who do choose to do it, but it just simply doesn't seem like a viable option for me. I've seen many guys who are blatantly wearing wigs, and my stomach turns just as hard as it does when I see a dude NW7 with his horshoe pattern grown out. It just ain't a good look.

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    If I go full NW6-7, I want to look like this:

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