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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post
    +10000000. Why anyone past NW4 would grow their hair out is beyond me. There's a name for that type of haircut - skullet (See Appendix A, Figure 1.)

    Appendix A. Figure 1.
    If that guy is confident enough and has the balls to do that then who are any of us to question his choice.. its his life and how he choses to identify himself to the world. And from the look on his face he seems at peace with it instead being this humiliated. embarrassed cringing person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inspects View Post
    Exactly Chris...I try to keep my hair about the same length to monitor progress too.

    Hope things are working out for you, have a good holiday season.

    Thanks. I can't expect everyone to agree with my stated philosophy but I am tired of hiding and frankly the lack of hair has not stopped me from either having relationships with women and or dating and I am already a dad so I don't really need to hide that part of myself to suit everyone else.

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    If baldness were the embodiment of a person facing you when you cut it and shave it down you give it power over you and it is laughing at you saying " yeah shave me down they can still see the horseshoe pattern you can't hide me even if you do shave it down" and you become more self conscious as your hairline recedes back and back further still. You give an antagonist or a bully power by giving into your fears.. you have to fight proactively while at the same time not surrendering to fear and despair and letting the mirror dictate how you act from day to day anticipating with dread what you see and taking that vision and thinking that is how others see or interpret you.
    With that mindset even if you got a full head of hair back you would always be fearful of losing it all over again rather than enjoy it so it is a war on two fronts both physical and psychological.

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