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    Hey again guys - just updating the pics; I really feel it's getting worse all the time, so may opt for some sort of affordable finasteride from an internet pharmacy...
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    I feel your hair growth seems healthy. There are people who have a nightmare of hair fall and early baldness at an early age which very depressing and horrific for a person. If it is a genetic thing we are unable to help but if it is because of any health condition you must take some advice to a doctor and follow a planned diet and regular exercise which can be really helpful. I was looking for some adviser here https://www.lifesaveressays.com

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    Hey bud.

    I am a Doctor, so I can tell you what's evidence based. I also had a similar pattern of early balding at your age, which has stopped (I'm 28 now).

    So your hair overall looks fine to me, but I saw your earlier posts, and you indeed are most likely slowly balding. This is a progressive thing, it generally doesn't halt- it will slowly get worse with time unless you take an active role in managing it. Starting early is better.

    If you really don't want to be bald (some men can accept it- which is great) but some people can't which is ok as well.
    I suggest doing the following:
    1) Stop feeling sorry for yourself- you said earlier that you have clinical depression so I am not going to labour on this- I am sure you are doing your best on managing this. But you need to accept that balding is just something that happens to some people earlier than others. If you start now you can largely stop it.
    2) Start using minoxidil 5% every day (a.k.a Rogaine) this is relatively harmless. Get the generic to save money. I like the foam version.
    3) Seriously consider starting propecia 1mg daily- this will largely halt the balding process for you. It prevents the conversion of active testosterone- which is the root cause of balding. There is a very small chance of sexual side effects (1-3%) depending on the study, but most people tolerate it well. I haven't experienced any side effects and it has worked for me quite well.
    4) In the future you may need a hair transplant- this is a semi-permanent solution- I had to get one and my hairline looks very strong after 2 years. This is pricey. At this point if you follow steps 2) and 3) you will not need one.

    See a doctor and tell them that this is negatively affecting your quality of life. As long as you understand the risks and benefits of propecia- I don't see why they wouldn't prescribe it to you.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi, hair loss is a very serious problem. It happens due to tension, stress and lake of sleep. It affects our memory also. In my opinion, you should consult a good doctor, so that he can provide a good solution for that. In this world, everyone is busy every time and donít have time to take care of ourselves. Students take stress if they are not able to perform well in their academics. So, they should have proper attention on their studies. They should watch some motivational speech. It will really helpful for them. If they want to improve their writing skills then they should take advice from experts. They can also take help from https://buyessayukblog.wordpress.com/ for their academic writing. It will help them to reduce their tension and stress.

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    I feel very sad to listen to hair loss. The main reason for hair loss is tension and stress. In student life there is too much pressure to complete their assignments and for good marks. They need to take proper food and diet for their health. For the stress-free study, they should start their study from the starting of the year. If their performance is not satisfactory in their assignments then they can take expertsí advice for their projects. I recommend https://essaywritingexpert-usa.tumblr.com/ for writing assistance and support.

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    The generator online of how many words is 5 pages may be helpful for students too. Sometimes you just need to know how long should be your essay and this generator ill help you. In many cases, it is impossible to go in without assignment help for students. We provide writing help for all students.

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    Hello! As a future specialist in trichology, I can confidently tell you that the problem of hair loss has also affected young people from 20 years old. The main reason for this is chronic stress and poor nutrition! I am now studying this issue and will soon defend my term paper on this topic! specialists college essay writers wrote it for me. Now, on sleepless nights, I study the text and can tell you for sure - do sports, work out fresh air, eat right and sleep for at least 8 hours. And you will avoid this problem!

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