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Thread: I'm tired

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    I think just to spite him I'm going to octo-mom a different girl for every NW class I progress to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 25 going on 65 View Post
    Most people have the gene. And the gene presents itself after reproductive age in many people. It will not be bread out of existence.
    Make that "bred"
    Thanksgiving food was on my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blowmeup View Post
    Well said Chris! People like Highlander will never make it in life. He is far too weak and feeble minded. Funny thing is that he actually believes that he's intelligent. lol. The guy is pure poison and like so many others on this forum I just wish he would go away. He's a really bad person who brings so much negativity to this forum.

    I'm glad your posting here Chris, it's nice to have intelligent, level headed people contributing. If enough smart, caring people post on a regular basis, we can drown out the evil of the likes of Highlander.
    Thank you! Thankfully I am not tasked nor do I wan the job of sucking the poisonous venom out of the forums. I will leave that enviable task for someone else to handle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post
    And, please, stop comparing yourself to male models. That is one of the most perverse things you can do, and I fear that Highlander is infecting many members' sense of reality.
    This warrants repeating. Real men do not look like male models. Real men are usually more handsome than male models - and make far more reliable soul mates.

    Jack, Whatever you choose to do, do yourself a very big favor and ignore Highlander completely. Highlander is not well. He has a very broken mind and a very distorted view of reality. Don't allow him to break your mind and distort reality for you too.

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    At wits end...


    why do you always ignore my posts Highlander? What norwood are you? What treatments you on? and how old are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breaking Bald View Post
    why do you always ignore my posts Highlander? What norwood are you? What treatments you on? and how old are you?
    You obviously know why right Breaking? You are calling him out. If he is worse in MPB and further upwards on the Norwood scale he certainly is not going to admit/divulge it to you or for that matter everyone else on the forum. Why would he ?

    His treatments I believe he has mentioned several times here the big three.. Finasteride, Minoxidil, Regenepure and previous to that Nizoral I think.

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    This guy is messed up in the head. He claims to be creating himself as the perfect human. I've read posts of surgeries and all sorts. I mean cosmetic surgery can work and boost some people right...I mean look at the late Michael Jackson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy C View Post
    Norwood 2 is not a big deal. That minor level of recession is not significant enough to make you less handsome. Talk to your doctor. There are medications available that can stop it from getting worse. If you are unable or unwilling to use the medication that can stop it, you need to learn how to come to terms with it and live your life to the fullest anyways. It can be done. Men have been doing so since the beginning of recorded history. You can do it too.

    LOL then again, people thousands and even one hundred years ago didn't have to live up to a social stigma of looking perfect. The world is completely shit in todays times, and if you can compete with the expectations, then your life is pretty much done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack93 View Post
    I hate waking up everyday worrying about what my hair looks like, styling it, then wearing a hat or hood outside so that the wind/rain don't mess up. I don't play sport anymore or go swimming because of my hair. The stress is wearing me down and I don't want to do it anymore.
    Shaved my head, looks terrible to the point strangers would comment on it. 19 year old skinhead with a baby face and no facial hair. I just look ill.
    I don't know what to do. Looking around uni, everyone receding or bald at my age is ostracised and just from body language looks extremely insecure.
    I'm scared.
    I used to have hair like this.

    Girls loved it. I loved it.
    Now NW2 has arrived, my hair looks worse each day, my confidence is down , I'm becoming withdrawn socially and don't enjoy or look forward to things anymore. I'm starting to see what Highlander means by death at NW3.
    Hairloss destroys peoples looks. I can't deal with it.
    It just seems like I'm fighting a losing battle, so why carry on?
    I know...we know...

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    If your really thinking about killing yourself over hair then ****ing do it! Weak minded people like yourself doesn't belong in this world. Wait, don't kill yourself instead join the military for the rest of your life and die out like a champ. lol

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