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    Default Emu Oil

    Hey guys,

    I'm hearing a lot of scattered chatter about Emu oil but nothing consistent. I have a lot of trust in my BTT brothers and sisters so plz shed some light

    Just wondering what's the verdict on Emu oil:

    1) Have you tried it yourself or heard other ppl using it?

    2) Did you use it on its own / combined it with other treatments?

    3) Did you notice any difference?

    4) If so, which part of your scalp was it helping with (Crown/Vertex/Temples)?

    Thank you so much guys

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    it helps with scalp irritation and itchyness i dont think it does too much for growth..

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    I've been using emu oil for about 4-5 months and I really didn't see any results. I actually believe it made me shed a lot every time I used it on my temple and hairline.

    Here, check this link out.


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    Used it 3 times a day for 5 months with Castor oil. No results from either, itchiness didn't stop, didn't do shit all other then being damn expensive

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