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    Bogus hair loss remedies have been around for a long time. Look at that poor guy's head getting the plugs at the end of the article. Try a few proven treatments guys and guard your wallet.

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    haha an interesting read, thx for sharing!

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    Oh my god. I look at pictures like that and wish I could go back in time to the day before, and tell the poor guy in the chair, "dont do it man."
    I seriously wonder what his life was like in the years and decades that followed. And that ass with the full head of hair, putting the plugs in....wish I could go back and slap him upside his hairy head

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    Yeah those old hair transplant procedures look down right horrific. It's a shame after all this time we still haven't found a cure.

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    Interesting how there are parallels to each of those "treatments" that are practiced or suggested today.

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