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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmyhairs View Post
    You're still INSANE if you take ANY dose of a chemical like spiro.

    God only knows what it'll do to your body long term.
    I've been taking spiro 5% topical for 6 months and from my personal experience I had zero side effects. I still have my ripped body physique, the deep voice, still got the big slung hanging, and I'm still sexual active with the opposite gender banging 3 different girls a week.

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    Topical Spiro I know zilch about and thus am not in a position to comment.

    But Oral Spiro, I mean really?? Come on it is used by Male-Female transgender (Google it, read Cross-gender forums...) It will feminize and you Aames, that bloke did look a tad more girly in the non-vampire pic.

    Stick with Finasteride, heck even Avodart, Id rather be shiny then be in the half-way process to losing my goolies for some hair!

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