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    Default 7,065 Graphs with Doctor Wong (1 Mega-Session) May 20th, 2009--My Experience.


    I feel that these forums are a great tool for the "next guy" to get educated and make an informed decision. I hope reading my thoughts can help someone the same way others helped me........

    As you read this keep in mind that some was written before, during and after the trip and procedure. It’s long so you might want to skip around if you get bored, but I wanted to share as much as possible.

    Why did I choose to have a transplant?

    Short Answer—A desire to have more hair and the security that I found the Doctor to do it the way I wanted it done with a proven track record.

    Long Answer—I don’t have insecurity about my lack of hair and in all honesty felt like I pulled the shaved head look off pretty good. I also got compliments once I started letting my hair grow back out for the procedure. But, when I saw picture of myself or looked in the mirror I don’t see myself. I’m sure for most of you that makes sense. I’m young at heart; keep myself in good shape, and love living life. I don’t have a heart wrenching story, a terrible experience, or a turning point situation (not downgrading those who do). I’m a golf playing, beer drinking, sports loving regular Joe that just wants more hair—Plain and Simple. I will also go on record saying that I don’t think it will be life changing. I’m not looking for life changing. I love my life and really don’t want it to change. I do however want to live this life with a few more hairs on my head.

    Why Hasson and Wong?

    Why would a guy from Kentucky travel to the other end of the North America to get his procedure done? I really wish I didn’t have to travel this far, I wish I could get in my car and drive two hours, but I don’t think that the hair transplant community is at that point yet. I’m not going to get in “the which doctor is best?” argument, but I think there is room for vast improvement from a lot of clinics in the industry.

    Side Note:
    It was a strange experience to tell my mom and dad that “I’m traveling thousands of miles, out of the country no less, to let someone that both of you have never heard of cut on my head, and did I mention that I would be paying him thousands of dollars to do so”. Just not something you say to your parents everyday, but after I explain why, they where in total agreement.

    Now back to the reason I chose H&W. I mean damn, this is my head and if I’m going to let someone cut and paste on it I’m going to what I consider to be the best option in the world. Why would I cut corners on a plane ticket, or a day off work when I am investing so much into the situation? Money is the obvious investment, but more importantly and a bigger investment in my opinion—MY SELF ESTEEM. Why anyone would let travel/money effect their decision is beyond me—If those two have to be a factor, then my advise is your not ready/prepared, so wait. You need to understand, and I have told my self this; once you take the plunge you are in it for the long haul.

    Also, I’m not saying you have to choose Hasson and Wong, I am just saying choose your Michael Jordan and settle for nothing less. Choose the Doctor that when the game is on the line, they have proven they can perform…………….. Again this is your head!!!!!!

    In a nutshell why I came to the conclusion that Hasson and Wong was the clear cut choice for me.

    1. Track Record. Everyone that I talked with on e-mail and websites had nothing but good things to say about them and their success rate. Results are what I want—Period. Hasson and Wong have consistently produced Results.

    2. Large session (mega session). With my degree of baldness I would need a large amount of graphs and I saw no reason in having 3 or 4 procedures to accomplish what I could in 1 or 2 with H & W. For someone with my degree of hair loss I feel this is a huge plus for them.

    3. Their willingness to talk to me. They answered every e-mail and returned every phone call. Not once did I feel like they were tired of talking to me, or upset that I asked a question that to them was probably common knowledge.

    4. A willingness to turn people away. This may or may not sound crazy, but the fact that they are willing to actually tell people that getting the procedure done would be a mistake for them showed me it wasn’t all about money.

    Trip Report

    How it all went down………..


    Me and my wife decided to make the trip together. We like to travel and add the fact that I was having surgery it was a no brainer for us. It would give a chance to check out Vancouver, somewhere that honestly we probably would have never thought about going to had it not been for me wanting Hasson and Wong to do my procedure.

    It started with an early wake-up (3 a.m.) to travel to the airport. We decided to leave early and steal another day in Vancouver. As we traveled on the road to the airport we discussed the surgery again. This was something we had done multiply times, but it was reassurance to my wife and honestly me. We talked about the journey that led me to 1) Having the procedure and 2) the choice of Hasson and Wong.

    Side note: I don’t often fly United Airlines, but had a great flight to Chicago and even a better flight to Vancouver (Lucky enough to get exit row seating). Always been a loyal Delta guy, but may have to start reconsidering it. I found way more leg room on both flights than I had had with Delta the last few times. The same could be said for the return flight home.

    Side note 2: Met Joe Montana in Chicago……. Honest to God—JOE MONTANA! He had is son with him—Scooter. Scooter will be attending Notre Dame next year for you sports fans out there. They were grabbing a bite to eat at the same place we were and after a double take I was like dang—Joe Montana. My wife scored us an autograph, but we kept it low key as he seemed to want to avoid an autograph session.

    We touched down in Vancouver around 11:00 A.M. local time. We caught a cab to the hotel (Sheraton Wall Centre). The room was nice and the location was perfect for sight seeing and shopping. The people that worked there were nice as well. They were very helpful with things to check out and areas to go. We had done our own fair share of research (trip advisor) and felt like we had a good game plan for the two days before the surgery. I won’t bore you w/ lengthy details but would like to briefly discuss a few things to do…..


    Seawall-Great walk to see the mountains and see.

    Robson Street-Nice shopping for the wife and wide/great selection of food!


    Stanley Park-Biked around Stanley Park and have to say that it was outstanding! Love the views and scenery. I highly recommend it!

    Granville Street-Check out the Public Market! They have a huge variety of foods from across the world. Really cool.

    Road the sea bus back just to say we did.

    Pre-Op with Wong/Dr. Wong

    Went in on Tuesday and met w/ Dr. Wong. Very nice experience as we discuss hairline, estimate on graphs, and a few other questions that I had. It was nice to take the wife so she could meet Dr. Wong and ask a few questions of her own. He looked and my donor density and skin laxity—He thought both were great! Excited to say the least at this point. He asked me if I had done the scalp exercises and said that it was a direct result of the great laxity. He estimated in the neighbor hood of 5,500 graphs.

    Dr. Wong is an extremely nice gentleman! He’s down to earth and showed extreme care in my procedure and a genuine concern for my comfort. As you will read below my surgery was lengthy and he constantly made sure I was filling no pain. He also offered numerous breaks when I became stiff and uncomfortable from the extended time in the chair.

    The Surgery

    Donor Size 37 x 1.8

    1 Hair #’s 1319
    2 Hair #’s 4591
    3/4 Hair #’s 1155
    Total Graphs 7065

    Got up at 5:30 and headed to Doctor Wong’s office. A word of advice to future patients—Don’t leave too early as it will only take 5 minutes that early in morning. Also, if you come that early you will have to take the elevator behind the building. It’s inside the first gate on the left (took me a minute to find it).

    Went in and met w/ a technician first. We went over the basics (Had I followed pre-op instructions, allergies, and what was in store for the day). Doctor Wong came in short afterwards and prepared my hairline and took pre-op pictures.

    He again checked my laxity and density as I sat down to get started……..

    The numbing process was basically painless for me--A very slight bee sting, but pretty much nothing. Once I was numb Dr. Wong began to cut the donor area. I really thought that it would be a lot more painful that it turned out to be. We got a huge section and he had no trouble with the stitching and stapling. This did take some time, because he was being careful to not hurt existing donor hairs—greatly appreciated. He again talked to me about the success of my scalp exercises and how it 1) let him take a larger amount of graph 2) Made it much easier in the stitching/stapling and 3) would help me in the healing process.

    After the donor area was removed and sent off with the girls to harvest Dr. Wong began with the slits in the top of my scalp. I really liked the fact that Dr. Wong would explain to me what was going and why he was doing certain things—I had done my research, so I had a good idea, but it was very reassuring to have him walk me thru it. He also discussed what the technicians were doing with the graphs, etc.

    I would like to take moment and tell you what a great job the Tech’s did as well. They were very easy to talk with, willing to take breaks at any point and time, and constantly checking on my comfort level throughout their planting of the graphs. It was an extremely long night and they put my transplant and comfort first! Thanks!

    At this point and time we are about 8 hours into the surgery. Dr. Wong then came back in to give a graph count…………. 7,053! I didn’t know how to react…….. I was so excited and knew that it would give a chance at great coverage! We discussed the high number and the fact that it would allow us to hit the crown and add more density to the front 2/3’s…….. He was extremely excited for me and filled me in that I was in rare company (7,000 graph club!) That number still amazes me………

    I have to say that it was a loooooooooooong day for me and I’m sure for the tech’s and Dr. Wong, again they were so attentive and kind throughout the process. They made sure that I had ample breaks to stretch, eat, use the restroom, etc. In total I spend 16 hours in the office……. By the end of the procedure I felt like I had been in a boxing match. In all honesty my head wasn’t that sore (somewhat, but not bad), it was my neck and back that were causing me problems. The long period of time in the chair took its toll on me by days end.

    Headed back to the hotel about 9:00ish and had some pizza with the wife and filled her in on all the details. I was so sore that I just sat there in a 16 hour, 7,000 graph daze. I had a rough night trying to sleep. With the amount of graphs that I had I was worried about laying on them, etc. I only got about 4 hours sleep and felt sore, sore, sore…….. In hindsight I should have taken the sleeping pills (I would advise you to do so!) Dr. Wong gave me some Tylenol 3’s that helped as well, but it was a rough night.

    The next morning I went in for my first wash. It felt great to have the water running over my head and get my staple area cleaned (Near 100 staples). Again the tech was very helpful and answered some question. Dr. Wong checked the area and discussed care, medication, and a few other odds and ends.

    So as most of you would expect I am extremely excited about the procedure, and hope to have a great recovery……… Hope that I didn’t bore you with too much detail.

    H & W STAFF

    Joe took me and the wife out to eat sushi on Tuesday and we had a blast! He answered so many questions for us, he offered advice on things that we hadn’t thought about, and genuinely took an interest in my procedure. Great night and really appreciated it. He also checked in on my 3 or 4 times to make sure I was doing well and/or if I needed anything. I really have a lot of respect for this guy as he was one of the first to start the blogs, etc. That was a huge step and an invaluable tool for guys like me. Big Thanks Joe! Great guy!

    Christina is extremely nice as well. She’s always got a smile on her face and throughout the months leading up to my surgery she was invaluable for me. Answered every phone call and e-mail. Thanks Christina!

    Doug was someone I had only spoke w/ a few time, but he took a bunch of pictures for me and also came in 2 or 3 times to see if I needed anything.

    Didn’t get to meet Mike in person, but really appreciate the phone calls leading up to the procedure. He did call from Seattle during the surgery and congratulated me on the great number. He was the first person that I talked to at length from H&W and really helped me with the process. Thanks Mike!

    All the techs were extremely friendly and professional! They work extremely hard and are the unsung hero’s in the process. Hope the Luvely (SP) got to catch the end of American idol. Thanks Girls!

    Doctor Wong was the perfect fit for me. Obviously the fact that he got me 7,000 graphs was great, but he’s very kind hearted and put me first during the entire process. He could very easily be less attentive, less understanding, and less down to earth with all the procedures he’s done and the results he’s produced, but he’s not. He’s top-notch in every regard!!!!!!!! Thanks Doctor Wong!


    I really feel that if I hadn’t been religious with my scalp exercises I would have not gotten the great number that I did. I started them about 2 to 2 ½ months be for the procedure. I did them at least 6 days out of the week for 30 minutes a day. I will tell you that I learned to hate them, but the pain of doing them was well worth results they helped produce.

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    Default Pictures (Pre-Op/Post-Op)

    I would love any and all thoughts.........
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    Looks fantastic! Im in the process of selecting a surgeon right now and trying to make comparisons. Did the techs do the majority of the placement of the grafts after harvesting? Im noticing that some surgeons actually place the grafts themselves while others supervise while the techs do it. Also, how much did they charge your per graft? Thanks! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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    The tech's did a majority of my planting. Dr. Wong did of course observe and he actually did some of my hairline. I will tell you that the two that did a majority of my planting had been doing it for 9 years, so I felt very confident in their ability.

    In my eyes you have to look at the tech's as well as the doctor, because it's a total team effort. The harvesting, planting, etc. You need to have confidence in the "teams" ability.

    Hope this helps.

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    Looks great Teach!

    Congratulations brother!

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    Yea, it really does look good. congrats!

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    what size dome do you have?

    7000! Outstanding!

    Wong gets it done!

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    4 weeks post-op.
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    2 Months post-op.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Business Teacher View Post
    2 Months post-op.
    Looks good so far, when that stuff starts to sprout its gonna take over the world!

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