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    So, new direction: If I can't cut the pill down to .5, would 1.25 every other (or third) day be effective? Or is that not a correct approach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfaninfl View Post
    I'm going to stay on propecia. I've been on it for 7 months with no sides. I'm was worried about sides if I up my dosage from 1mg to 1.25mg (cutting proscar into quarters. My doc gave me a prescription for proscar to save money since propecia costs me 87 dollars for a 1 month supply.
    $87 for a month supply... please please please tell me that you do not have insurance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Be oaf View Post
    I just got my doc to prescribe finasteride and will cut the 5mg pill in quarters for daily dose (he knows). I have some crown thinning and some frontal receding. I think I'm about a Norwood 2 or 2.5. 43 years old. I use rogaine once at night. I have been using t-fal shampoo with success in controlling itching/flaking.

    I'm a bit nervous, having read some finasteride horror stories.

    Any words of advice or success stories??
    Don't start with the full 1.25mg/day. Try 1.25 2times a week for a month, then perhaps 3 times a week for a months and so on.

    It helps a lot psychologically, otherwise you will constantly be freakin out (if you're like me ).

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    I was in the OP's spot exactly 1 1/2 years ago...asked the same questions and posted on similar forums. Rolled the dice..and realized taking that FIN poison was the worst thing I ever done..

    I won't go in a rant about the sides I experienced because I already did in another thread...but dude..conduct your research and realize you are taking a gamble on experiencing sides A and B if you quit...that they may reside for quite some time..

    It's been 5 months since I have been off (took it 1 year, reduced dosage last 2 months) and I am still not 100%. BUT i have been active in the gym, fighting all this fat I gained in the mid-section, and am slowly recovering in the dong department..

    Nothing more depressing then at 26 yrs. old being used to rock hard tents in the morning to NEVER getting them while on Propecia. That's a sign right there. NOW they are coming back, but just not 100%. I'll get there..but man who would have thought something that would help my hair..DOESN'T..but instead causes other problems I have to stress and combat..ain't worth it bro. My 2 cents. Figured I share my experience. But to each their own.

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