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    Looks like some other forums are experimenting with the antihistamine Cetirizine to block PGD2. Not sure if this falls into "cutting edge" treatments, but people are reporting mild regrowth in areas that have been slick for years, along with decreased shedding and decreased MPB itch, all in a relatively short time (couple months). Apparently the Germans are into it. I don't know much about it, but figured I would give you guys a heads up; maybe some other members can take the lead here with regard to the science behind it, and I'm sure some of you have heard of this already and perhaps have tried or are trying it.

    All I know is that they use this TOPICALLY, not systematically. Sorry, taking Zyrtec every day will not cure your hairloss. But crushing a lot of Zyrtec into a powder and mixing the powder with a liquid vehicle might make a topical that does something.

    I'm not advocating that anyone try this or that this even works. Just wanted to pass some positive information on and see what you guys think.

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