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    Dr. Baubac Rep
    Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi explains why he does his own FUE harvesting
    Dr. Baubac explains why he does his own FUE harvesting

    Undergoing a Hair Restoration is a life changing decision. For such an important choice it is important to know who is performing your FUE Hair Restoration procedure.

    At many other clinics, even in the United States, Physician Assistants, Technicians as well as untrained and unlicensed medical personal are doing the FUE Extractions and harvesting for the procedures. Not your hair restoration surgeon.

    FUE harvesting is extremely delicate work, and is an absolutely critical component to the quality of your hair restoration outcome. Only a trained doctor or surgeon should be harvesting your grafts.

    When considering a hair restoration surgery, it is important to find a qualified surgeon who has proper training, FUE experience and certifications and one who is heavily involved in your procedure and performing your FUE Harvesting.

    In our Beverly Hills Clinic, all FUE harvesting is personally done by Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi to ensure the survival of each single graft in order to provide you with the ideal outcome for your procedure.

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    This is great to hear! I am glad Dr Baubac has a great surgical protocol! I think this is a key element that reduces failures. If a FUE extraction is done by the surgeon from the start of your surgery and any other subsequent procedures. Had some other surgeons took part in all surgical aspects of surgery, there would probably be far fewer repair patients. If a surgeon passes off extraction to a tech or nurse then they can have more patients to handle at the same time. This is a high risk to the patient. It makes a lot of folks wonder, when websites recommend the work of a doc, are they really recommending a doctor that does not do the critical aspects of the surgery? What is the patient paying premium top dollar for with some of these surgeons that do not extract? Definitely, something to think about. Some folks wish fhey can turn back time, some are trying to cope and wait to be properly repaired. This isnít a video game, it is someones life and doctors should really do what is in the interest of the patient ethically.
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    Dr. Baubac Rep

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    This isnít a video game, it is someones life and doctors should really do what is in the interest of the patient ethically.

    You are right Sean, this is not a video game. The surgical protocol and the amount your surgeon is involved in the FUE procedure is crucial.

    Below are critical questions that you need answers to before moving forward with an FUE clinic.

    1) Is your Doctor the person doing the FUE harvesting or is a Physician Assistant or technician doing the harvesting?

    2) How long has your surgeon been doing FUE and FUE harvesting?

    3) How many FUE cases does your doctor perform monthly?

    4) If your doctor does both Strip and FUE, Does your doctor perform more strip cases then FUE cases monthly?


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