• 02-12-2018 06:54 AM
    Dr. Lindsey
    Repairing another low yield FUE
    Here's a short video where we review a fellow who had an FUE done elsewhere, with low yield, that we repaired with a small strip. A couple of things, first, I think the other doctor did a bit too low of a hairline...that may be an issue as this guy ages, BUT, that's the hairline we had to work with. Second, Wendy and I discuss possible etiologies of low yield in FUE...some of the same issues apply to strip cases as well, except for root avulsive injury which is unique to FUE. I have 15 or so videos going into this in varying details and even one or 2 where I show how this happens with small house plants, on our youtube and vimeo pages. Thirdly, even at 8 months out from repair..when this fellow sent in his picture, he looks great. Hopefully we'll see him at a year or so and get an interview. He already mentioned he's worrying about his crown...and mid scalp.

    The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZtktZuetZU

    Dr. Lindsey
  • 02-12-2018 03:00 PM
    Amazing work Dr Lindsey. Can you imagine, after what I have been through with two other known doctors, my hairline and procedure looks worse then the state of this patient in your video. Seeing a video like this makes a patient feel hopeful. The situation i am in has made me suffer quite a bit. I shouldn’t have had to suffer this much but if proper surgical protocols were followed then maybe I would not be in the situation i am in.

    You did a fantastic job and SUCCESSFULLY repair this patient.

    I really need to be repaired properly and I am very upset at my situation. Only then, I can probably live in peace.

    Keep up the great work! You delivered and made sure this patient can move forward with peace.
  • 02-28-2018 09:46 AM
    Dr. Lindsey
    Thanks Sean

    Dr. L
  • 03-20-2018 04:20 AM
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