• 01-24-2018 11:01 AM
    Dr. Lindsey
    A tale of 2 Mikes...2 guys who had a little hair sprinkled over too much scalp.
    Here is a 10 minute video in which we go step by step through a younger guy's repair case. He'd bought a case sold to him by a salesman, not a doctor 7 or so years ago. In that case, he had too few hairs placed in and amongst hair in an area that was destined to bald. He saw me 8 months or so ago, and then went and got SMP'd to his scar and front... Initially happy, he subsequently noted that about half of his SMP faded in 3 months.

    So today we go through every step of his repair case. His wife, a nurse took his sutures out yesterday...day 7, and emailed pics. He did less cleaning than I like despite us going through what to do and her calling Wendy a few times..but I get it...he's already had one poor case and he just spent a lot of money to get a repair case done and he's scared to clean. BUT...cleaning is critical as frequent viewers of my youtube and vimeo and website will know.

    Nevertheless, he'll likely turn out nicely in a year or so. HOPEFULLY he'll send scar pics and followup pics in a month also.

    The second case in the video is a 50 year old guy who is 4 days ahead of the main patient. He had the same work done and you'll note what happens...he lost everything and has a handful of thin hairs that he slicks back across the top. Fortunately he's got less color mismatch and is tall enough that rarely is his top visible. We did the same case on him and with any luck we'll have followup on these 2 travellers in early 2019.

    The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pil37--lorg

    Dr. Lindsey McLean VA


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