• 12-19-2017 12:57 AM
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    Dr . Scott Alexander patient | 6 months post op 2592 FUT |
    This patient just came in today for his 6 month post op follow up and as you can clearly see the results to date are excellent.

    Hopefully the patient intends to come onto this topic next week during his xmas vacation to update us on his opinion and experience with Dr Scott Alexander and his awesome team.

    Here are his Pre-op pictures and his 6 month pictures.

    2592 grafts were placed via FUT.

  • 12-19-2017 07:07 PM
    Looks good but show the crown
  • 12-20-2017 03:41 AM
    No work conducted in the crown. See the immed post op pics to show where work was performed.
  • 12-20-2017 07:03 AM
    Sure , but we want to see the whole head ! See how it all looks.. it’s ok , I know how most HT surgeons display pics
  • 12-20-2017 09:37 AM
    Looks like he has a bald spot in the back of the head but the front is a big improvement.
  • 12-21-2017 08:55 AM
    No worries at all. Likely the patient will wait out till 12 months and plan a second session to address the crown ( I'm speculating ) as not uncommon as you cant do it all in one go as we know.
    Ill enquire to see if the Dr has pics to help show crown region.



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