• 12-12-2017 09:25 AM
    Dr. Lindsey
    FUE to repair a strip case Dr. Lindsey
    In this short 5 minute video, I do the OPPOSITE of what we usually preach...that is I have at least 20 videos showing how we've had to use strip to repair FUE. Well here we have a guy, who had supposedly 2500 grafts in 2 cases by a local competitor, to address the front 3/4 of an inch of his hairline. In addition, he had blunting of the fronto-temporal curve AND a huge, yes I mean HUGE scar.

    Now matter of factly, this guy has awesome hair to work with, and were it not for his modelling career...I doubt he'd have ever chosen to do any more surgery. But, on a photoshoot, he noted low density and an usual curve where the hairline of the front meets the temples and came in for consultation. Now he has this huge scar and although the original doctor went way too low in strip placement for some reason, the patient clearly doesn't scar well. Combined with awesome resiliant hairs, the need for a relatively small number of grafts...and he's perfect for FUE repair. In fact long time forum readers may recall several of these bad scar guys coming to me for FUE repair. I've even posted how we did a few hundred for my own son who had a 50cent sized scar on his right temple from the removal of a suspicious mole years ago.

    So take a look at the video and he's local so I expect we'll get followup as this grows in. In fact, assuming this works, and there is no reason it won't...I'll bet he notices low density from those supposed 2500 grafts he bought...elsewhere on his hairline.

    The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qk1811hQRM

    Dr. Lindsey McLean VA


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