• 08-19-2017 05:25 PM
    are some people destined to be alone?
    Do you know of people who never got married and have always been single but desperately wanted to?

    So those were SINGLE but NOT by choice but rather because they could not meet a potential partner and essentially lived a life of emotional torture and anguish? So not including priests, nuns, non-sexual ppl etc.

    I'm talking about men and women who are more or less "on the shelf" as it were, like in their 60s/70s? (Of course it is never too late to some extent, but...you know what I mean).
  • 08-19-2017 10:38 PM
    I think everyone knows someone like that.
  • 11-12-2017 04:38 AM
    I think it's possible, but maybe they haven't looked well enough
  • 11-13-2017 05:50 AM
    Ten years ago I might have thought that. Now, I disagree. Things change.
  • 12-19-2017 05:24 AM

    Originally Posted by jamesnelson87 View Post
    I think it's possible, I've read this from an assignment from Essayvikings and their writers are very persuative

    that's why now I agree with that


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