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  • 06-29-2015 05:25 PM
    I have redness in the recipient area.
    The clinic is not recommended to use a tone cream for 6 months.
    Is it safe to use a regular field of the recipient female powder?
  • 06-30-2015 11:10 AM

    You can use clippers on your hair to blend things in after 14 days in my opinion once all healing has taken place and likewise with any form of concealers/makeup - However be sure to wash off daily.

  • 07-06-2015 12:16 PM
    Hi, thanks for your answers!

    let me clarify for the specific model of powder, because I do not understand it.

    I Choose Model:
    It includes:
    talc, silica, isostearyl palmitate, methicone, caprylyl glycol, hexylene glycol, phenoxyethanol [+/- titanium dioxide (ci 77891), iron oxides, chromium oxide greens, ultramarines

    What can you say about the transplanted grafts under this powder?
  • 07-07-2015 06:26 AM
    This can be useful for everyone who is faced with redness skin.
    If you can use this powder, or similar, at least one month after the op, then the problem can be considered solved.
  • 10-28-2015 04:26 AM
    Hi, Spex There are several myths on Hair transplantation and the Surgical Procedure on HT lies in the person's mind as mentioned below
    Myth 1: One can do a trial hair transplant procedure before going
    in for the big hair surgery
    Fact: As a matter of fact hair transplant is a surgical procedure that
    provides a permanent cure for hair loss and there is nothing like a Ďtrialí. It
    is recommended that you do a thorough research about the hair specialist
    and the hair clinic before you decide to opt for the hair transplant
    Myth 2: A hair surgeon can tell the number of hair grafts
    required by just looking at the patient
    Fact: Absolutely false! First of all the hair doctor needs to examine the
    scalp and then perform several tests before deciding upon the number of
    hair grafts needed. Based on these tests the hair surgeon will have to
    determine the patientís scalp health, hair density and patientís scalp laxity.
    This will help the hair doctor understand the amount of hair that will be
    available as donor and then determine the number of hair grafts needed.
    Myth 3: It is a good idea to transplant large number of hair grafts
    in one session of hair transplant.
    Fact: It may sound great to transplant maximum number of grafts in one
    session but ideally it is not. Larger amount of transfer may force the hair
    surgeon to transplant hair into areas that may not need it and also risk the
    growth of the hair grafts. It is recommended that you consult with your hair
    surgeon to determine the cause of your hair loss and whether you need a
    hair transplant at all! If you do need a hair surgery, then the hair specialist
    will also determine the number of hair grafts needed to cover your bald
    Myth 4: Hair grafts do not get enough blood supply if they are
    transplanted in large numbers
    Fact: Truth to be told, the blood supply to the scalp is so strong that it can
    sustain thousands of hair grafts transplanted in one session. The reason for
    poor growth may be due to the hair grafts been transplanted too close to
    each other or if the patient exposes himself too much to the sun or if the
    patient is a smoker.
    Myth 5: Hair transplant must be done when young
    Fact: On the contrary, several successful hair transplant surgeries have
    been performed on older patients. The pattern of hair loss in a younger
    patient is very unpredictable and may cause more hair thinning in the
    future. The hair specialist may recommend a young patient to wait for some
    time for the hair loss to stabilize and then recommend a hair transplant.
    Myth 6: Hair transplant must be done as soon as you experience
    hair loss.
    Fact: Hair transplant if performed very early may increase the rate of hair
    loss. Post hair surgery, the transplanted hair will take about a year to
    completely mature and the results to be noticeable. If the surgery is done at
    an early stage then the results will not be noticeable at all and the hair
    transplant procedure may prove to be a waste.
    Myth 7: Large numbers of hair grafts produce more density
    Fact: As a matter of fact, large number of hair grafts gives an unnatural
    look. Density solely depends upon the total number of hair transplanted to
    the recipient site.
    Myth 8: Scalp reductions help in conservation of hair
    Fact: In scalp reduction, the bald area at the crown is decreased by cutting
    it out. The gap is closed by using the back and sides of the scalp. The hair
    Density is thus reduced and the scalp becomes tighter. This limits the ability
    Of removing more hair from the donor region and hence the hair on the
    front and top of the scalp appear to be sparse.
    Myth 9: Women can also expect great results through hair
    Fact: Women who experience hair loss tend to lose a lot of hair from all the
    parts of the scalp leaving very less hair in the donor area. This makes hair
    transplant ineffective in women. In men however, there is enough hair at
    the back and the sides of the scalp providing a good donor area.
    Myth 10: Laser hair transplants are the best
    Fact: Although lasers are known for its brilliance, they are not used by
    Experienced hair surgeons. In fact, in a hair surgery; laser may be used only
    in making the recipient sites.This is because lasers burn the tissues. Apart
    from this, in the latest FUT and FUE procedures the hair grafts fit easily
    into the recipient sites without the need of tissues being removed. There is
    always the risk of lasers causing injury to the skin than the instrument used
    for creating the recipient site. As a result the hair grafts placed in sites.
    I , hope this kind of riddles might be coming across the patient's mind. He would be able to help himself by solving the myths and getting cleared after knowing their respective fact.
  • 11-10-2015 04:58 AM
    Thanks for the input.
  • 12-09-2015 04:48 AM
    Great thread Spex - Thanks for taking the time to put it together .Nice to have so much useful information in a concise summary .

    I'm having a HT in just over a weeks time , so the thread content was a good refresher .

    As far as the back to work scenario , I've been pondering this continuously for the past month or so . Ideally , I thought I could get this done without anyone noticing . However , the more I've researched , the more the realisation has sunk in that it may not be possible .At least I'm now better prepared for what the post op period may be like ( have 15 days off from procedure to back to work ).
  • 07-28-2016 06:48 AM
    Do you have any scientific references for taking MSM/Biotin or other vitamin supplements, which could help with hair growth? All I can find is pseudoscientific natural bullshit websites references.
  • 05-19-2017 02:18 AM
    great information spex
  • 08-13-2017 01:54 AM
    Many thanks for the comment Dr.


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