• 02-20-2016 04:30 AM
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    9 week post op update
    Just past 9 weeks post op so a quick update on how things are going.

    Just to point out , my HT was to the frontal and mid scalp areas - the crown was untouched in this session .

    Happy with the way things are going generally . Very light redness still in the recipient area .Recipient area is still very slightly numb but improving by the week .Still a bit numb above the strip area , but again this is getting better almost by the
    day . Also mindful that I'm not out of the woods yet as far as scar stretch , so doing all I can to keep tension from the area . Can't wait to hit the gym again , but not going to do anything at the moment that may compromise scar healing / stretch. Doctor recommends to leave any heavy lifting until the 3 month mark .

    The scar is not visible at this point , so I'm happy on that score.

    Unfortunately , had some shock loss below the donor incision ( may be an inch long or so) , so fingers crossed that will resolve itself over the next few months . On the photo below I have applied a small amount of Toppik to the shock loss area.

    Although I shed as everyone does , have had some growth to the recipient area. Not any real great density at the moment , more fine , light and wispy , but more than I expected anyway.

    At just over 2 weeks post op , I was hoping to return to work without wearing a cap. 9 weeks later I'm still wearing it ! That's probably more paranoia on my part , as my wife thinks that no one would guess now that I've had the procedure.

    The first photo was taken at 3 days post op , the rest are 9 weeks post op.

    Any comments / questions - fire away !
  • 02-20-2016 09:00 AM
    2 months and already some growth, good signs already.
  • 02-20-2016 01:59 PM

    Originally Posted by HTsoon View Post
    2 months and already some growth, good signs already.

    I can see a hairline for the first time in years so good on that score . I'm particularly happy with the scar - initially intended to go FUE but after discussions with the surgeon decided that FUSS was the best otion to take . Now for the tough part just waiting it out - got to stop looking in the mirror which is tough in a house full of mirrors !

    Saw your recent updates and your progress is fantastic - it must feel like christmas every day :)
  • 03-21-2016 01:20 PM
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    3 month update
    Just past the 3 month mark and things seem to be going OK .

    More hair on the old bonce than pre-op , so pretty happy with the progress to date . Feels strange to have hair on top after so long - almost feels like I'm wearing a hat sometimes .

    Shock loss seems to be resolving , but the pimples are still having a field day .
  • 04-24-2016 08:59 AM
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    Update 4 months an 1 week
    Just passed the 4 month mark . Things have started happening - hairs are starting to mature and additional grafts are continuing to pop through .

    I'm pleased with the progress to date . Just had my first proper haircut ( a number 3 to 4 guard on the clippers ) - the scar is pretty much invisible and the shock loss has grown back well .

    I was a bit concerned abut scar stretch , so have avoided the gym up to now , but resumed training this week .

    Any comments or questions welcome .
  • 04-24-2016 04:39 PM
    how is the progress coming along?
  • 04-24-2016 04:48 PM

    Originally Posted by saiarulkumar View Post
    how is the progress coming along?

    Probably not a lot different than it was 8 hours ago when he updated us:)
  • 04-24-2016 04:50 PM
    lol didnt realize it was 8 hours ago Joe. thanks!

    Any thoughts on the difference between AEK, ASIMED and AHD clinic? besides marketing..
  • 04-24-2016 05:06 PM

    Originally Posted by saiarulkumar View Post
    lol didnt realize it was 8 hours ago Joe. thanks!

    Any thoughts on the difference between AEK, ASIMED and AHD clinic? besides marketing..

    I don't want to hijack Suarez's thread but I'll say this; research and learn as much as you can about any clinic you are considering, not just in Turkey. AEK is a small one man operation. ASMED is a powerhouse of efficiency and Dr. Erdogan has some interesting ideas on advancing the field. I don't know much about AHD right now as they've gone through some changes recently so I can't comment with any sort of accuracy.

    If you speak with any patients, which you should, do not tell them your name, do not tell them where you live (country/state/province, etc.) and do not tell them your online handle because many places apparently resort to paying patients a commission if they refer new patients for surgery. Use separate email addresses for your communication with other patients and with any clinics you are speaking with. By keeping as little information about yourself available as possible then no one can claim you as a "sale" thus it will help to weed out the testimonials that are paid from the ones that are genuine. In fact, any patient you speak with you should ask them up front if they are getting a commission or some sort of kickback for their testimonial. Then ask yourself this; are you considering Turkey because you feel the options there are of a higher quality than anywhere else or is it strictly because it is so cheap? If the former, proceed and good luck. If the latter, be SUPER careful and don't get sucked in to the pricing game where 25 cents per graft will sway you. Cheap is cheap and when you start choosing between Turkish clinics because one is cheaper than the other then your priorities should be reviewed.
  • 04-24-2016 05:18 PM
    looking at it from which clinics employ techs to do the procedure vs doctors. Yes ASMED looks like a powerhouse which has the marketing gameplan down.


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