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    Dr. Lindsey
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    Dr. Lindsey 630 graft FUE repair case, McLean VA
    This nice fellow stopped by with a bit of an unusual case. Heís in his mid 20s, and had a cyst taken off his crown a few years ago. He had a wide scar which he then had revisedÖand unfortunately that widened out too. He then had a popularly marketed FUE procedure which really didnít result in much growth, and it appears he lost some significant donor density as seen on preop pictures.

    So this is tough because: 1. He is a poor scar formeróso Iíd not want to do any kind of strip case on him 2. He wears pretty short hair 3. He already has some donor density loss 4. He has a tough scar which is quite visible 5. He already had an unsuccessful FUE (and Iíve posted many times that FUE is more variable than strip), but is it due to the technique associated with the automatic FUE machine or will he get a poor response from FUE done by hand?

    We went over this in good detail and he opted to proceed. I think itís unlikely that weíd deplete his donor region much more with a small FUE session spread over his entire donor area, AND I hope that we can make progress in addressing his scar. Heís an intelligent fellow, considered this option versus doing nothing and chose to proceed.

    Shown are preop pics, donor site pics, you might see some of the big scars from his previous FUE case in the shaved pictures, and postop pics. Also included are day 1 and day 7 pictures. His scar into which we placed the grafts had a good blood supply and Iím hopeful, but only time will tell. He lives in our area, and hopefully will come on and blog his experience and results regardless of the outcome. This is a tough case, but Iím optimistic weíll accomplish something worthwhile.

    Dr. Lindsey McLean VA


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