• 09-09-2019 10:44 PM
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    Dr. Scott Alexander saves patient | 1971 FUT |Major REPAIR needed on Female patient
    This poor female patient came to Dr Alexander emotionally broken a few weeks ago, beside herself emotionally and incredibly desperate due to a recent procedure performed by a so called 'leader' and experienced veteran in the field from the CA area.

    This procedure looks like it was done in the 80's but in fact in 2018. Appalling to say the very least but answers the clear question why NOT an IAHRS accepted member. To say this patients life prior to meeting Dr Alexander was ruined is clear to see.

    This patient as you can see required real help and expert ethical guidance to help her navigate out of what can only be described as HELL.

    Dr Alexander and his team worked their magic to help turn the ship around and give this young lady her life back. The repair session involved revising a horrendous previous FUT scar ( see below ) by the previous Dr in CA - and Dr Alexander somehow was able to harvest 1971 FUT in order to utilise and repair the frontal hairline zone which looked like my children had taken a knife to after too many haribos in the dark.

    See the situation prior to Dr Alexander and Dr Alexanders work immediately post op to help this poor lady get her life back.

    The Dr who performed this previous surgery in my opinion serious need consider stepping down and throwing in the towel and perform no further surgery and harm - its simply unforgivable in my opinion. :mad:

    We will keep you updated on this patients progress and repair journey and hold her hand through this process in order rot help her feel normal again.


    Previous Surgeons work....... :mad:






    Dr Alexanders REPAIR



  • 09-26-2019 06:43 PM
    Hopefully this poor girl gets a great result and can move on with her life. Did she go to Diep in CA?


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