• 04-18-2022 09:41 AM
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    11.06.20 Koray Erdogan 5000 Greft Results
    Hello Everyone,

    I had hair transplantation transaction at Dr. Koray Erdogan Istanbul on 11.06.20 and 10.06.20 with 5000 greft

    After 22 months later, could you commnet my results please? I belive there won't be any progrees anymore

    Thank you advance for your objective comments
  • 04-25-2022 10:44 AM
  • 04-28-2022 02:39 AM
    Thank you for your comment
  • 06-05-2022 12:49 PM
    looks pretty standard in my opinion
  • 06-22-2022 05:49 AM
    I had a second hair transplantation on last days in an another clinic to fix my situation and i plan to share my second HT's the results on this forum. I plan to share the new topic link in this topic on the future

    Thank you for your valuable comments and i wish great results to everyone.
  • 07-06-2022 12:01 AM
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  • 07-19-2022 06:45 AM
    Sorry, i did not understand. What is this?
  • 07-20-2022 10:12 PM
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  • 08-06-2022 09:54 PM
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