How To Avoid Hair Loss?

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  • marshray
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2023
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    How To Avoid Hair Loss?


    What's the best way to lower the hairloss rate. I'm in my mid twenties but I'm losing a significant amount of hair. I'm currently residing in Qatar and once my Qatar visa check procedure is complete I'm gonna visit Turkey. In the meanwhile, can you please suggest what shampoo should I use? I oil after every three days and only use soap and only use shampoo once in a week. What remedies have worked for you?
  • christianroy
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2023
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    Try switching to a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo like OGX or a mild baby shampoo. Using soap on your hair can be harsh. Shampoo more often, like 2-3 times a week, to keep your scalp healthy. Biotin supplements and leave-in conditioners with caffeine have helped me.