26yr old, have questions, need advice

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    • Sep 2016
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    26yr old, have questions, need advice

    Hello everyone. I'm a 26 year old male, and I first noticed my hair was thinning in 2013.
    Like I used to do the start of every summer I would buzz my head, but this time I also shaved it with an electric razor. After the hair started growing back, I noticed that I could see more of my scalp. At first I thought I might have damaged my hair follicles by pressing top hard with the razor. Balding was not really much of a thought because I always had such thick hair.

    A little later the balding thought popped into my head. My mother's father was bald, and my mother's hair has been thinning for some time. Also my father just started thinning at the age of 65. After that I looked into remedies. First was pills. I read a lot online about the bad side effects, which frightened me a good amount. That didn't help my anxiety much. Next was minoxidil. It didn't seem as bad as the pills, but I was still hesitant on using non natural type things.

    So I went the natural route. Tried oils, juices, and supplements. Now it's 2016, and to be honest I can really only tell minimal change if any, since 2013. Maybe I'm in denial, I don't know. I have not noticed many hairs on my pillow, or in the shower. When I comb I don't get any hairs in the comb. I have been taking biotin for some time, and I just started taking/ using pumpkin seed oil supplement, and nizoral a few months ago. Just to let you know.

    Now on to what I had questions about. I just recently heard of DPB. I was wondering if that might be what I have? I read online it can be brought on by changes in the body, and can stop at anytime. I will include some pictures. Maybe someone can give me a little insight from them. I know no one can 100% know by pictures. Only a doctor can tell for sure.

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