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  • gc83uk
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    • Nov 2011
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    Originally posted by Arashi
    I honestly think that's a very very wise decision Gaz. I really think a thinner density on top is ALWAYS better than an unnatural looking donor. All the best healing ! And btw, yes the Maastricht office is very nice eh, I went there too. And the lunch was really delicious indeed The only thing that disappointed me back then (and this was when I was still believing their regrowth story) was the camera they took pictures with. I had expected them to shoot some good photo's with a DSRL with macro lense. Instead they used some crappy $100 throw-away cam. What's the use of making such crappy photo's I wondered back then. Now I understand it's not in their interest to show the client good photo's
    cheers mate. Gho used a proper dsrl camera on my first procedures, then we had a galaxy 3 camera phone on my 3rd and 4th and on the last I honestly can't remember. I don't think it was a dsrl camera, it was white, possibly a samsung galaxy camera (not the phone). I haven't seen Gho for years lol.

    Anyway, they are putting all pics on a disc, so some of them should be interesting!


    • Hairismylife
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      • Jun 2012
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      How it's going?


      • robodoc
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        • Aug 2009
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        Dr Cole does good is the way he practices that concern me....body hair grafts that don't work, high pressure sales and indiginant when someone has the nerve to complain....he is like using a VISA credit card vs American Express that has your interests in mind.