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  • mrclean
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2017
    • 524

    Originally posted by SebaURU
    jajaja! It seems that you care more about its launch to the market that the product really works.
    Tell me, what happened to the other products that was delayed its release to the market? Did they work? DO NOT!! The same will happen with this one.
    I agree with you. They say they are going to be released and they work but never appear on the market...remember Histogen?


    • SebaURU
      • Jul 2016
      • 41

      You are right. Histogen is a good example and there are plenty of them. My theory is that the porpuse and the strategy is promise a “revolutionary” treatment or cure in order to get inversors. That’s the bussines! No matter if the product is going to be launched or not. The real bussines is getting investment and get money in the “research”


      • Jake Smith
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2020
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        If you need a translator, use this one
        I recommend it to everyone who needs a high-quality and accurate translation!


        • baldkiwi
          Junior Member
          • Mar 2018
          • 19

          Got a newsletter that replicell has terminated their contract with Shiseido, this could be a good thing or a bad thing i guess?


          • CClark533
            Junior Member
            • Sep 2022
            • 6

            Looked promising but this will delay any progress. Damn!