scalp micropigmentation - some questions and advise needed

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  • tryingtostaypositive111
    • Aug 2017
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    scalp micropigmentation - some questions and advise needed

    I'm 38, male, Asian and Norwood 5/6. Have had severe baldness since my early 30s.

    When I was in my mid 20s I looked into a hair transplant as my hair had already started receding. However I encountered many different options and some were so confusing and I was not convinced that it would be worth it, given the expense and a few years ago I did seriously consider getting scalp micropigmentation on my scalp as this type of treatment suits me far better than a regular hair transplant. All things considered it makes more sense. Now I'm started to think about it again after some years.

    I do have some questions though as I'm still very hesitant about the safety and procedure. It's obviously not as invasive as getting a hair transplant but there still seems to be a fair amount of aftercare -

    1. Regarding the pigment that's used, are there any safety issues around this? Is it totally safe and toxic free? Any risk of getting that substance into your blood?
    2. If the needle does pierce your skin then how come your scalp does not bleed?
    3. What are the main issues I need to be aware of?

    I would like to hear some stories from people who have done it please. I'm based in London, UK and there is a company called Skalp who have a good reputation. Think they have an office in New York as well. Anyone used them before and if so, do you recommend a particular practitioner?