Depression due to hair loss how to resolve it?

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  • blossomberry
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2017
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    Depression due to hair loss how to resolve it?

    A person really close to me might be showing some sign of depression. She suffered from stress-related hair loss and it really shattered her self-esteem. She is acting off lately and she always refuses to go out with friends. I told her to see a therapist who can help her feel better, she agreed but she doesn't want to do the therapy in person. I'm don't know what to do, any advice?
  • gableindex
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2017
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    There are many conditions and causes of hair loss, It could be due to medications he is taking or it might be the cause of her depression. If that's the case and you are correct that he might need a therapy. Although its difficult to guess. My advice is to seek a doctor's help for diagnosis and alternative treatment.