Natural hair line transformation using FUE - Dr. Sean Behnam

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  • Sean Behnam, MD
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    • Apr 2011
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    Natural hair line transformation using FUE - Dr. Sean Behnam

    total number of grafts: 2400
    Technique: FUE
    Extractions: Dr. Sean Behnam
    Site creation: Dr. Sean Behnam
    Implantation technique: Implanters
    Procedure duration: 8 hours
    Number of staff technicians: 5

    This patient had a FUE hair transplant performed by Dr. Sean Behnam. There are few key important things to know about this hair restoration

    Creating a natural hair line that is undetectable. There are many factors to creating natural hair line that is dense and undetectable

    Natural hair line is defined by creating a hair line that is not straight, not symmetric but in a very similar plane, not pluggy, with appropriate angulations and directions of each hair follicle and with nice blending of the transplanted hair into the current natural hair. These are extremely important criteria and all oif these must be met to create something that is nice, natural, and undetectable work. This is why Dr. Sean Behnam performs the procedure himself.

    It starts off by extracting very good hair follicles. Dr. Sean extracts the hair follicles himself. As he extracts it, each graft is viewed under the microscope for quality assurance. Grafts with 1 hair, 2 hairs, and 3 hairs are then separated in different cups. Dr. Sean then designs the hair line making sure that is crossing the face is on a similar plane but is not symmetric, with a zig-zag pattern that imitates the natural look. He then creates a very tight pattern of single hair follicles in the front, which is then followed by 2s behind it and then 3s behind that. This creates a very soft and natural look at the hairline, and it gets thicker. This ensures no plugginess of the hair line because all of the single hair follicles are in a special cup and being utilized. While making the sites, Dr. Sean takes into consideration the angle of each hair follicle and this must match one's own natural hair angles. He also takes into consideration the direction, naturally, the direction of the hairs change, and Dr. Sean creates hair directions that match one's natural angles. Dr. Sean and all his staff are ambidextrous and the left side of the scalp is worked only on with the left hand and the right side with the right hand respectively to naturally match the angles and the directions of the hair in those areas.

    Further consideration is given to the blending of the transplanted hair with one's natural hair. As you view the video, you may notice that the transplanted hair and the natural hair blend very nicely. This is done in a way that there are no gaps. Dr. Sean also covers thinning areas that you may lose in several years, so gaps do not develop with further hair loss very quickly after the hair transplant procedure.

    Special attention is also given to the characteristics of the hair.

    The hair from the back of the scalp has different colors, characteristics, and courses. Characteristics and courses are matched such that the singles in the front of the hair are derived from the nape, or the hairs above the ear. These are softer, more natural hairs that are placed at the front. The hairs from the center of the donor area in the back of the scalp are placed behind the hairline to create that thicker look.

    Skin changes. A lot of attention is given to the skin throughout the entire procedure, very sharp instruments are used to make sure that cobblestoning does not form. As you can notice from the video, looking at the hairline, it just looks so natural in terms of the hair follicle, the design, and the pattern, with very natural looking skin.

    Further consideration during the placing process is to ensure that the actual hair follicle is embedded very well within the skin, not too deep, and not too shallow. This way, there is no significant skin changes, or ridging that is noticed because the tip of the hair follicle is flushed very nicely within the skin itself.

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