The Resveratrol microneedling process study - enroll now

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  • Dr. Arvind Poswal
    • Apr 2013
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    The Resveratrol microneedling process study - enroll now

    Dear readers,
    I have been sharing my experiences using Trans Resveratrol topically for hairloss reversal.

    On request of many readers, we are starting a voluntary, broad based Resveratrol study for hair.

    If you are physically fit, free of any medical conditions, diseases and hormonal problems, you can enroll in this study.

    We will share the protocols of use of Resveratrol and grapeseed extract (how to use, what to observe, dosage etc.), topically and coupled with microneedling.

    Apart from being medically fit, we need the following imperatives and details :
    1. You should have some hair to regrow/strengthen (you should be Norwood 5 or less with diffuse thinning in areas of scalp that can benefit).

    2. For period of study (14 -16 weeks atleast), you should not be using medicines like Finasteride or any other DHT blockers.

    3. You should have a good camera to take close up pictures of your scalp (preferably in macro mode).

    4. You will need to get your testosterone levels, vitamins D and B12 levels checked before you enroll for the study.

    5. You will need to stop all topical medicines and use SLS free shampoo for cleaning. As far as possible, avoid harmful chemicals (including hair color for 7 days after each session of microneedling).

    6. You should follow a nourishing diet with adequate Omega acids, vitamins, iron etc.
    Avoid ready to cook, or pre cooked meals. Avoid anabolic steroids or strict fasting. If required, we will suggest the required supplements/vitamins.
    This is aimed at improving your epigenome.

    Requirements and support :
    This is a volunteer study.
    Apart from dosage and administration advise, we will help you get the correct, research grade Resveratrol and its solvents.

    Most people notice an epigenetic event (adverse events like change of diet, change of residence, water quality, stress levels etc., before kick-start of the hairloss process. We will like to know your individual epigenetic event that you think preceded your hairloss.
    Of course, we will like and expect you to stop/reverse that unhealthy epigenetic event (change diet, water for headwash, stress levels etc.) to improve your epigenome.

    We will need you to follow the protocols in a dedicated manner and share your pictures and experiences on a regular basis.

    Enrollment fee : USD 500/- ( exclusive of any products).

    Both males and females can enroll. However, as an added precaution, we advise pregnant and lactating women to not enroll.

    For questions and enrollment consent form, please contact us by
    WhatsApp - +91981078062
    Email -

    Dr Capt Arvind Poswal