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Any post made that is in violation of our forum posting rules and terms of service will be subject to immediate moderation or deletion. Any user suspected of trolling this forum will also be subject to immediate moderation without further notice.

Posts, profiles, avatar/profile images, and usernames may be moderated without warning. Posting on this forum constitutes your agreement to these terms including all administrative and moderator decisions and instructions, which are not up for discussion or debate. Exceptions to the rules below can be granted by the moderators at their discretion. If you find that you do not agree with any of these terms, please close this window and exit the site and do not post or use any part of this forum.

This forum is considered private property, and its use is a privilege, not a right. BaldTruthTalk.Com reserves the right to prohibit or remove any post at its discretion. Administration and moderators also reserve the right to organize boards and posts and/or deny or revoke membership for any reason.

By participating in this forum you agree to the following:

You may not post on any forum, or send to any other forum user or BaldTruthTalk.Com staff member or moderator, any material that is abusive, vulgar, threatening, harassing, libelous, defamatory, obscene, or that invades a person's privacy, violates any intellectual or other property rights, or that would otherwise violate any law. You may not use this forum in a commercial manner. You may not post material that solicits funds, or that advertises or solicits goods or services. You may not post material known to be false and/or defamatory. You may not post or transmit any information, software or other material that contains a virus or other harmful component.

We will not be held responsible for material appearing on this website posted by the members/users of BaldTruthtalk.Com We are not responsible for screening material posted by users for libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark infringement, accuracy, or for any other reason. We retain, however, the right to modify or remove messages or other material that we, in our sole discretion, consider infringing, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, stale, or otherwise unacceptable. We also reserve the right to edit materials for any other reason. Whether or not we modify or remove such material, users remain solely responsible for the content of their messages or postings.

Account and Post Removal

We may, at our discretion, moderate, suspend or terminate the registration of any forum user who violates any of these terms and conditions of use, and any of the member guidelines or for any other behavior that BaldTruthTalk.Com in its discretion believes is inappropriate.

All posts made become the property BaldTruthTalk.Com to be edited, moved or deleted as deemed to best serve the community.

No Advertising

Whether or not you personally benefit - posts, usernames, signatures and/or info in your profile that name, promote or advertise free or commercial services, websites, surveys, or products are considered to be advertising and grounds for account suspension, moderation or termination, unless prior permission has been granted by BaldTruthTalk.Com to a specific user.

Links to Other Sites

BaldTruthTalk.Com reserves the right to remove posts containing links to (or advertising for) other sites. We reserve the right to remove posts that contain links to (or advertising for) commercial or personal websites. Do not post an unapproved website name or URL for any reason. If a link is removed, do not try and go around the link removal by using url shortening services or spelling the removed link out with spaces or by other means, this will result in account suspension, moderation or termination.

Off-Board Contact

Do not request or offer any kind of off-board contact for any reason. This is considered to be advertising.

Respect the privacy of others and keep personal information private. Do not request personal information from others (names, email addresses, skype usernames, phone numbers etc.)

Do not publicly post your email address or any personal information including phone numbers, skype usernames, Facebook profiles, addresses etc., unless it has been approved by an Admin or moderator.

Personal information is not allowed and will be removed, and unless prior permission has been granted, the user's account may be suspended, moderated or terminated. This includes providing your username on another site/forum so that a person can private message you through there.

Reporting a Post

If a post seems inappropriate click the "Report" button that appears to the lower left hand side of the post. Do not post defensively or reactively to abusive or problem posts. Do not report posts just because you disagree with the opinion.

Posting Rules

• Stay on topic
• Don't advertise your site, product or business or promote or advertise videos, forums or other meeting websites
• Don't post copyrighted materials
• No highjacking of other users threads
• Don't use all caps or excessive punctuation, color or font changes in thread titles or within the body of the post
• Do not post the same discussion more than once on a discussion forum or on many forums. Duplicate discussions can be frustrating for other members, especially for those whose time and energy is limited. Duplicate discussions will be deleted. Reposting the same message repeatedly can be interpreted as spam and could result in account suspension, moderation or termination.
• Do not start bashing. If you have a complaint or comment to make then make it once and that's it
• No posting of captioned images or memes
• Do not promote or advertise other forums/meeting sites and do not solicit users (or suggest that others solicit users) to join other forums/meetings sites. Do not request or solicit invitations to join other forums/meeting sites.
• Do not post other people's identifying info or real names
• Do not post your personal information (unless permission has been granted by a moderator)
• Do not post personal information of another user (Skype, email, phone numbers etc)
• Do not post questionable, agenda driven posts and threads or hearsay regarding products, services, service providers, organizations, or any public or limited public figure or entity.
• Do not post pervasive negative commentary on multiple threads, these posts will not be hosted on this forum.
• Do not post vulgar, defamatory, hateful, harassing posts, or create posts indicating that individuals with hair loss should not have children, that is considered offensive and inappropriate.
• Users may not argue with or question the moderator or moderator actions publicly, nor create threads or posts asking why a particular admin/moderator action was taken. If you have questions you can contact us via the contact form on this site.
• Physician contributions: Unless provided written permission, only IAHRS accepted physicians are permitted to post on this forum.
• Do not suggest or encourage that other users to violate our forum posting policies.
• Do not create threads or posts asking why a particular moderator action was taken on this forum, such as the deletion of a post or topic or the editing of a post.
• Discussion of suicide will not be allowed on this forum. These boards are not an appropriate place for posting you want to die or discuss suicidal thoughts, hurting others or hurting yourself. Do not write posts to others saying that they should kill themselves. If you are experiencing these thoughts, please immediately call 911 or call a hospital, local police or contact a professional suicide counselor immediately.

Users do not have the right use their anonymity to disparage, harass, or defame any public or limited public figure or entity.

Do Not Discuss or Repost Any Deleted, Locked Posts or Banned/ Moderated Members

Respect the decisions of our moderators and staff. If a topic is locked or deleted or a user has been banned or moderated, discussions of these subjects are no longer allowed to continue elsewhere within the forums. If a post is deleted, do not post a reply to the removed post. Comments, questions or concerns on such actions within the forums can be submitted either through the contact form or by clicking on the "report abuse" button within the post. Do not post these comments within the forums.

Do Not Create Threads and/or Posts Questioning Our Forum Posting Policies

Respect the policies of this forum and do not create threads and/or posts questioning our forum rules. Posts aimed at questioning our policies, or that disparage this forum will result in account suspension, moderation or termination.

Do Not Bump Threads

The practice of posting to a pre-existing forum thread for the sole purpose of bringing it back to the top of the forums is called "bumping." While we allow you to post a reply to your own thread when you have something of note to add, posting words such as *bump* or “Is someone going to responsd to this?” is of little use to anyone and considered an act of “bumping.” Moderators consider excessive bumping the same as spamming, and violators will be subject to the same sanctions as spammers.

Flaming & Trolling

Posting intentionally hostile or insulting messages meant to incite arguments, a.k.a. “flame wars.” Such activity is not considered a positive contribution to this community and will be removed. We do not discourage debates, but as the line between this forum of discussion and “trolling/flaming” is often subjective in nature, the determination as to what is and is not acceptable will be determined solely by our moderators. Whether provoked by another member or other reasons, aggressive retaliatory responses to trolling/flaming are not excusable acts under any circumstances. If you are being personally attacked by another member of our forums please report it to the moderators by clicking the “Report Abuse” button within the post. Do not retaliate, or respond aggressively to an abusive comment. Offensive remarks made in retaliation to an abusive post are subject to removal/sanctions. Questionable, potentially disingenuous posts are also considered trolling. and are in direct violation of our TOS. If a user is suspected of positing fictitious experiences, using images or videos that are not their own, or is suspected of intentionally misleading or baiting forum users in anyway, their posts will be removed and their account will be sanctioned.

Profanity & Obscenity

We prohibit the posting of material (graphics, text, links and other references) containing profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, or threats of violence, obscenity, pornographic or adult material. Using a vulgar, profane, or otherwise offensive username is also prohibited. We expect our members to be respectful of the sensibilities of other users. The determination as to what is and is not considered acceptable posting on our forums is at the discretion of the moderators.

Forum Functionality

If a forum function isn't available (private messaging, visitor message boards) it simply isn't available, do not create threads/posts asking why a feature isn't available for use, those threads/posts will be removed. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact form on this forum.

Agree to Disagree

Do not criticize or attack others. They are entitled to make their own choices. Negative communications are inappropriate. This is not the place to post slanderous or hateful statements about anyone. Derogatory comments especially aimed at sexual orientation, gender, race, color, religious beliefs, national origin, or disability, are not permitted.

Before you post a message that may embarrass, humiliate or harass a person or group of people, stop and think first. Harassing communications are deemed to be any words that may cause distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention or other discomfort.

What is good for you may not be the answer for another. No one must follow your advice. No one is to act as an expert on what is appropriate for someone else. Providing your opinion should be polite, and not result in disparaging remarks or religious discussions. Even if you disagree with an idea, it still may be the solution for another. Decisions about health and well-being are highly personal, individual choices. If you disagree with a person's post or opinion, do not debate the reply. You may state your opinion to the thread originator, once, then move on without argument.

Likewise, expect to get some opinions you may not like or find helpful. If so take what you want and ignore the rest. Do not attack members that took time to reply.

When a member asks for support only, please respect the request, do not reply with contradictory comments.

Do Not Shout

Do not shout at one another. Shouting online (typing in all capital letters) is considered by some to be rude and difficult to read. To others, especially individuals with some types of disabilities, typing in all caps (or in all lower case) is a necessity (Using the shift key can be a struggle for a lot of folks). If it is necessary, please use all lower case letters. Be sure to inform others so they understand.

Keep Posts Clean

Do not post obscenity or vulgar language, or describe explicit sex acts. 
There may be places where suggestive, explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics or behavior are permitted, but BaldTruthTalk.Com is not one of them. 
Posts that are deemed in any way to be inappropriate, or that solicit or offer explicit or X-rated GIFs, JPEGs or other graphic files will be deleted. 
Usernames with sexual or negative implication/content will be banned.

Physician Complaints

If you are seeking to write a public complaint about a doctor, you will be required to verify your identity and BaldTruthTalk.Com will then notify the doctor so that he/she can respond publicly as well. The thread will allow for the patient to tell their story, the doctor to respond, the patient to reply to the doctor's response and one last response from the doctor if necessary. The thread will then be locked. General commentary from other users will not be allowed.

Doctor Representatives

Any person seeking to post on behalf of a physician or clinic, must first be approved to post in that capacity. If prior permission has not been granted it will be grounds for account suspension, moderation or termination. In addition, all physician representatives must be affiliated with an IAHRS accepted member.

Gorilla Marketing

Due to the nature of the hair loss industry posts describing experiences with any product, service or hair transplant clinic will be subject to immediate moderation or deletion if it is suspected of being an unauthorized promotional post. Users engaging in this behavior will be put into immediate moderation. Hair transplant veterans who wish to post their experiences with their IAHRS accepted surgeon and clinic are welcome to do so, however since non-IAHRS accepted clinics have not been vetted or have possibly been rejected by the IAHRS, posts promoting or discussing these clinics in anyway are subject to moderation or deletion.

General Complaints About Products, Services & Procedures

Any person seeking to post a complaint about a product, service or procedure, must first provide evidence that they in fact have used said product or service or have under gone said procedure. The thread will be placed into moderation until the necessary information has been provided and substantiated.

Do Not Post Copyrighted Information or Content Belonging to Other People or Websites

Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity is not to be posted on BaldTruthTalk.Com. All website content is considered the property of that website. If such an event occurs, the individual that posted the information shall be held solely responsible. BaldTruthTalk.Com shall not be held responsible for posted information that may violate copyright law. Copying any content from another person's work, or another website, is not allowed without express permission from the creator/owner of the original work. Even if you attribute the article correctly it is still copyright infringement. Do not reproduce substantial parts of articles or news items from other sites in the forums. BaldTruthTalk.Com shall not be held responsible for member posted information that violates copyright.

If you have any questions about the rules or are confused about why your post was removed, or if your idea for a post is acceptable please contact us through the contact form on this site.

Avoid Duplicate Posts (Cross-Posting)

Do not post similar or same messages more than once on a message board. Duplicate messages may be deemed to be advertising. They also can be frustrating to others who end up reading essentially the same post in multiple threads or board topics. It is best to post your message in the forum that most closely relates to your message subject and allow time for the others to see and respond to your post, rather than posting it in numerous other forums. Or, you may email an administrator to request that your post be moved to a different board topic. 
Duplicate messages will be removed as soon as seen or reported.

One Registration Is Allowed Per Person.

Only the registered person may use the registration. The member is responsible for any misuse of his/her membership. If multiple accounts are found to be in use by one member, all accounts for that individual will be terminated, and at the discretion of the moderator the multiple memberships may be revealed to the community, as depending on the posting history of the individual these accounts may have been used to further personal agendas and strongly mislead the community, and the community may have a right to know. This decision will be at the sole discretion of the moderator.


Use of any part of this site constitutes acceptance of all Terms, Rules, Policies, Guidelines, Disclaimer, and any administrative/moderator instructions or action.

Again, this website is private property, and its use is a privilege, not a right. BaldTruthTalk.Com reserves the right to prohibit or remove any post. BaldTruthTalk.Com reserves the right to organize boards and posts and/or deny or revoke membership for any reason.

BaldTruthTalk.Com reserves the right to prohibit or delete messages that are deemed to violate Federal or local laws or that may be deemed harmful to others. That said, BaldTruthTalk.Com does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that might violate BaldTruthTalk.Com guidelines prior to transmission on the Internet, nor can we ensure prompt removal of offending message board posts.

Registrations may be edited, suspended or moderated when the usernames are disallowed, if your initial post is deemed inappropriate or off-topic, or for any other use that is against the terms of service.

By posting on BaldTruthTalk.Com you grant (or warrant that the owner of such rights has expressly granted) BaldTruthTalk.Com and/or relevant affiliated organizations the worldwide, perpetual, nonexclusive right to use your questions, comments, and postings and images, in their original or edited form, in television programs, books, articles, commentaries, or in any other medium now known or later developed. You also warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content you have posted and that the public posting and use of such content by BaldTruthTalk.Com will not infringe on the rights of any third party. Additionally, you warrant that any "moral rights" in posted materials have been waived. You are not entitled to any compensation for such use.

Please Note: A user account may spontaneously be placed into moderation for further review if the account is determined to be potentially questionable based on posting activity.

Re-read the rules regularly as they may be updated.