View Full Version : Excellent Results with Liquid, But Crazy Itching + Dandruff? Should I switch to Foam?

10-14-2012, 12:51 AM
Hi Everyone... I have been using minoxidil 5% liquid ( Generic Equate / Kirkland ) with excellent results for the past 7 months... I'm actually really pleased with these results and have ruled out the idea of having a hair transplant. The only Issue I have with this stuff is it creates a crazy Itch on my scalp, accompanied with badddddddd dandruff... The dandruff is so bad, I'm spending even more money on powerful dandruff shampoo's than the minoxidil itself... So here is my question!

Recently I was at CVS and they had the generic foam on sale buy one get one free... I bought 2 years worth... 2 days ago I started using it and the difference is amazing... Zero scalp itch and zero dandruff.. My only concern is I have read that the Foam is not nearly as effective as the liquid... I have even read in some threads where some people experienced shedding and other negative effects when switching from Liquid to foam? Is there any truth to this? I really want my hair to get back to 100%, but If the foam isn't as effective, I will continue to suffer with the liquid.. Prior to using minoxidil, I've never had dandruff in my life, or any itching on the scalp.

Dr. Glenn Charles
10-14-2012, 07:27 PM
The only difference in the foam is that they removed some of the ingedients that caused negative scalp side effects. The actual medication is the same.