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10-10-2012, 11:53 AM
Hi guys,

I'm 26 years old. When I wash my hair in the morning I see quite a lot of it left in the sink. This has been happening during the past 3-4 months and my hair has definitely thinned during this time. I had thick hair about six months ago!! When my hair is wet you can see a lot of my scalp [pics provided below].

I've finally booked an appointment with the doc tomorrow to establish what is causing my hair loss. During these past 3-4 months I have noticed that I've been having acne breakouts far more than I usually do as well - I think there is a chance of my hair loss happening due to poor nutrition, but I also know there is a chance that this could be DHT related

Another thing perhaps worth mentioning is I suffer from dandruff and my scalp is very dry at times.

Recently I have been looking online for possible treatments. Seems like there's a lot of scams out there, but those that seem to work, I have heard some horrible story's regarding the side effects of some of the drugs. This is really depressing me.

If this hair loss turns out to be DHT related, what is the best solution with minimum side effects? Even if it means holding onto my current hair without regrowth. Please bare in mind I am still researching and am new to this hair loss topic, so I'd really value feedback from people who are dealing with this problem, have tried products/solutions and are more educated on this than me.

Many thanks!

Dry Hair:

Dry Hair:

Wet Hair:

Wet Hair:

10-11-2012, 05:38 PM
Hey man,

I have the EXACT same thing happening to me right now (see my intro post from a few weeks ago). I'm 24 years old

I started shedding heavy, for the FIRST time, in June/July, or so. When my hair is wet, I can see some of my scalp in areas where hair is brushed away. When my hair is dry, you can't really see any of my scalp, except for through my RECEDED hairline when I pull my bangs back (only for the first 1/4th inch or so though).

Recently, I have also had really bad acne. I had bad acne from age 14-19, or so. Then it stopped cold turkey until now. Furthermore, I feel like my package has gotten bigger - bizarre right? It's like I'm going through a second puberty, except now hairloss is part of the gig.

Anyways, like you, I started getting really sketched out, as my hair has always been a part of my "identity", since it was dark, thick, and lush my entire life. I set up a dermatology appointment (still ~month away), but saw an MD in the mean time. He didn't say I have MPB, but said my hair was thinned out a bit on top(relative to back and sides), and started me on 2% keto shampoo, twice a week.

I've been doing 2% keto for almost 2 weeks now. Also, I started putting a Vit E/castor oil complex on my scalp twice a week or so, before bed. I also started a biotin, fish oil, multi vitamin per day regime ~3 weeks ago. I try to massage my scalp every night before bed to promote circulation and stress reduction. And, I do whatever else I can to reduce my stress.

Questions for you:
-Did your dad, his brothers, his dad lose their hair?
-Did your mom's brothers, dad lose their hair?
-Have you recently been under a lot of stress (physically, mentally)?
-Is your head itchy?

Let us know what happens with your MD! It's fair that I am explicit that I am not a doctor or person with appropriate accreditation to insist you do certain things. I do feel like I might be your peer hair-loss wise, however.

Good luck man.