View Full Version : Dr Lindsey's 72hr "Whistle Stop" in London

10-08-2012, 08:37 AM
Dr Lindsey recently visited London to perform 50 consultations in 2 days. He remarkably pulled this round trip to Washington in just over 3 days.

It was a whistle stop like no other. He found time to stretch his legs and catch some sunlight and an evening in Soho for a couple of beers - those pics have been left out .. .

Only the guys that know him will not find it as any surprise but he also got 4 separate 1hr + training sessions in !

The guy is a machine... He makes me look like a snail and i thought i have some stamina and drive!

Fair play Doc - They don't build them like you very often! Looking forward to Dublin early 2013!

A few pics of Dr Lindsey on his 1 hrs sunlight in London. and a few on the way up to SOHO.







Best Regards,

Spencer (Spex)

Dr. Lindsey
10-09-2012, 05:43 AM
I had a great time in the UK Spex did a superb job setting things up and educating people prior to their arrival allowing for really great consultations. I'm looking forward to returning next year and bringing the family.

Thanks to everyone who came in to visit.

Dr. L