View Full Version : Stopping Dutasteride. Why !

05-19-2009, 01:43 PM
after i removed the wig and went for the ht i started taking propecia. but i quicky switched to avodart. i was using avodart for the last 4 years. i didnt see any growth in the crown but it was maintaining the middle. that fact that it wasnt fda approved didnt bothered me (although it should) .

Some months ago while i was researching more about avodart i found that type 1 enzym of 5 a reductase exists in high quantities in the brain. so i thought "What might happen in long term if u restrict type 1 enzym for the brain ? What if it might cause serious neurological complications ?"

i also some times felt that itching and numbness in various parts of my head, although it probably wasnt from avodart and most likely from anxiety, something that unfortunately have a lot.

Nevertheless i went for MRI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_resonance_imaging) brain scan and electrobrainscan (not sure if this is the english term but its the greek translation from english) . Mostly i did those exams for precautional reasons and NOT becouse that i was actually convinced that avodart in long term might affect the brain

Of course the results were clean but since there is no long term study i switched again to propecia, i think now my middle is slightly thinner but i can NOT start avodart again untill it is proven that in long term usage doesnt cause serious side effects to the brain or every where else.