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10-04-2012, 05:38 PM
Just curious and most likely a waste of time but a very big coincidence I must say. I was browsing around another hair loss forum the other day and I came across a post about Cetirizine Hydrochloride and it's supposed effects on hair loss. Simply put it is supposed to be a PGD2 blocker. Well this totally interested me because I would've never thought it had that effect but thinking back it seems to have made perfect sense.

I used to take Cetirizine due to some pretty bad allergies, I was affected by them my whole life and still am to a point I imagine. I used to take it once daily 10mg starting back in '95 I believe and continued this until February 2011. I remember stopping about a week before my second son was born basically because I felt my body (after all the years of taking it) became somewhat dependent on the drug. I noticed that some days I would get bad headaches if I forgot to take it and sometimes even nausea so I put two and two together. I decided to quit and began splitting them in half and taking 5mg daily and after a month decreased that even more until I stopped. I thought this be the best scenario as opposed to quitting cold turkey to avoid any shock to my system.

Anyway to the point of this post, most likely coincidence but like I mentioned above I stopped taking it in 2/2011 and started noticing near the end of 2011 the beginning my hair loss issues. It just got worse in 2012 like I was experiencing years worth of loss in a short period of time. I seem to have stabilized it somewhat with the Saw Palmetto and vitamins I'm taking but still loose hair daily.

Just curious if anyone has heard of Cetirizine having any affect on hair loss and if it really does block PGD2? I am contemplating going back on 10mg a day for a trial of sorts to see if it actually does have a positive effect on my hair. Any opinions?

10-04-2012, 05:43 PM
Got allergies too take from March till september every year all my life and im a NW5.5 progressing very fast to 6 been progressing since early 20's.

Millions of people across the globe take cetrizine - I think we would have figured out by now if it had any impact on hair loss.

Something is happening to the population of stem cells that surround the follicle as it cycles through its various shed/rest/growth stages, perhaps androgens are causing them to replicate genetically defective copies of themselves, that aren’t doing their job properly, the body then reacts by removing the stem cells (hence inflammation in some cases of MPB).