View Full Version : Can any of you see increased hair loss on your scalp in just a week's time?

09-29-2012, 07:59 PM
I know the normal hair loss sufferer comes on here in a panic thinking their hair is going to fall out over night, that's not me though. I'm 32 now and I noticed hair thinning on top of my crown a little back when I was 28. I've had temporal recession back to my early 20's, but it was never that bad. The past 4 years, I've watched my crown thin steadily and somewhat hastefully. However, over these past few months, my scalp seems to show more and more than previously. It's to the point where I can see new areas of loss every week. Is this normal? I don't see a lot of hair shed on my pillow and no more than normal seems to come out with a wash, though I have noticed lately that thicker, healthier appearing hair seems to be falling out than usual. Up through the end of July of this year, I was able to use toppik sparingly on my crown just to make it look full. Now I would have spray the hell out of it to cover all the areas where you can see my scalp shining through. I also have lines (where there is less or thinned hair) coming down both sides of my head from the crown to my front hairline, basically marking the perimeter of what will be my destined horse shoe.

I haven't really changed anything in my routine which is only one application/night of minoxidil. Propecia/Avodart never worked for me so I stopped taking them years ago due to side effects and expense. In my life style, I had deployed overseas and lost about 15 lbs. of pure bodyfat and got on an intense workout regimen of 2 workouts/day. I only take protein power and amino acids for supplements. I've also not been able to sleep more than 5-6 hours/night cause that's just how it is over there and I haven't adjusted back to normal sleep yet. I'm sure the lack of sleep isn't helping my cause but the loss just seems so excessive at this point, I don't know what it could be. I look so completely different now from when I did back in March before I deployed. Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

10-02-2012, 10:37 AM
I don't really know what I could tell you, but I've also lost much hair rapidly over a span of maybe 2-3 months. From non visible scalp to fine hair visible. The best advice I can give you is don't put it in your mindset that you're gonna continue to lose hair. Have confidence in what you have and in keeping it! Placebo effect

I don't know how it relates to hair loss but if you believe you're gonna suffer from a disease you have or think you have, you most likely will. Eat healthy, try not to exercise too hard in the last hours before bed if that affects your sleep. With only 5-6 hours you want every minute to be precious healing! Maybe get an eye mask if there's light in the place you sleep? Pure darkness is best for getting the most out of your rest.