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09-26-2012, 12:14 AM
Hi all,

I had 500 FUE transplants to a very bald/ thin spot on top of my head (there was literally nothing there about the size of my palm. It took about 4-5 months before all the red dots had disappeared and I had hoped that I would have some hair even after 4-5 months but the doctor told me to wait until 9 months when the hair should be growing nicely. Well it will be 10 months in a week since the op and having worn a hat 95% of my time I still see no real improvement. Yes I have some hairs but probably 50 sparse ones that are likely just the clipped ones grown back in my opinion or regrowth from taking propecia. But it is certainly not 500 hairs. While 500 is not much, in reality it would make a big difference to a bald area. However I see little change. Is it a dead duck? Is nothing going to happen? Have I wasted my money and the better part of a year in vain? It's so depressing it's beyond belief. worst part is I can't afford to go through it again at the moment. I still wear a hat all the time, indoors, outdoors and I see no obvious end in sight.
Before I go back and see the doctor to try and get my money back I thought I'd see what other's opinions are or if someone had the same that miraculously turned around. I have seen others on the web who had hair after only 5 months. I had a previous hair transplant 10 years ago (different doctor) - the strip method and this worked great and fairly quick and is the reason most of the rest of my head still has hair. But it seems to me this hasn't worked.

09-26-2012, 06:16 AM

I am sorry to say from my own experience (I had 500 via FUE) and what I have reading on forums. You should of seen a lot more hair then what you have.

You should go back to your Doc and ask for results as more than likely his going to spin something.

Wish it was better news

09-26-2012, 11:20 AM
Well it doesn't look good. At this point you should be seeing about 80% growth by now. Normally takes up to a year to sixteen months to achieve full effect. Some more, some less. I'm going to shed some positive news on all this...... be glad you only lost 500 grafts with this guy and not 3000. I'm sold on FUE, In the right hands, the outcome Is outstanding and scaring is well balanced. that being said, you had such great results with strip in your first procedure, why not go that route again? Pick someone like Hasson and wong who have a great reputation with closing up the donor. You already have the scar and only one procedure most likely left your scalp in decent shape for another pass. Things have changed a long way in 10 years for FUT.. sInce you didn't have luck with FUE and might be a bid hesatant to go that route again, why not FUT again because of the existing scar.

obviously this is all irelevant if you are looking to fix that scar and cut your hair extremely short.

keep us posted...

09-26-2012, 11:42 AM
And 500 grafts should produce more than 500 individual hair shafts. The average graft bears something like 2.3 hairs so there should be closer to 1,000 hairs after full maturity. So I agree, that at this point in time you should be seeing more regrowth Jimmy.

Do you mind my asking who your FUE surgeon was? Also, if it was the crown where the grafts were placed, I know the regrowth can be a bit slower. Still, there should be more yield by now.

You may also want to consider wearing the hat less. Keeping the recipient area covered for long periods can also potentially delay the regrowth from what I have observed and read over the years. Whenever you can, keep your scalp uncovered for the next 3-4 months and see if that makes a difference.

I wish you the best in the upcoming months. :cool:

09-27-2012, 12:00 AM
Thanks for the replies, I kind of figured it wasn't happening. But that's depressing news and confirmation for sure. And in trying to read on the internet/ forums it was a little confusing since some say 1 year to 18 months, some say 4 months. And the doctor said 9 months something should be growing.

Gillenator - the surgeon is a Russian, Oleg Sertsenkov. I doubt you know of him he works in a small practice in Estonia. And the transplanted area was more on the top of the head, a little forward of the crown. The reason for wearing the hat mostly is that after the op (he clipped the recipient area on top of my head without asking which wasn't good) and having fairly long curly hair I looked like a monk after the op and it took a hell of a long time to grow back. I have had long hair all my life and so cutting it short isn't an option and since I have the scar from the strip op not really that possible. Longer hair also helps hide it, you can only tell the balding from the back so to speak. Plus if I cut my hair short it's going to age me 10 years in a day and stand out a mile so reluctant to do that. I will try to take your advice about wearing the hat less (it did cross my mind too that perhaps it didn't help - but it's a catch 22, want hair but don't want to look like a clown while it grows and now it doesn't seem to be growing after all).

Northeast guy - yes glad it was only 500 but still sucks the same. It wouldn't be so bad at least if I could get the money back, but doubt that. I just want hair man. As for the strip method, I found it far more an uncomfortable procedure than the FUE plus if for some reason I don't have a choice but to accept baldness in the future then at least I only have one scar to deal with and not more. I would like to use the Farjo doctors in manchester again for the next one (they first did the strip op - if I ever get the money together), but they aren't cheap since they get a lot of 'stars' going to them too. Plus I don't live in the UK so it's a hell of a lot of travel and accommodation cost too. Plus flying out of the country with everyone seeing you've had a tranplant isn't nice either.

09-28-2012, 06:38 PM
Please don't let distance be one of your deciding factors. Learn from your mistake of using an unknown, non-established Md to do your procedure. If you can't afford it, wait and save.....it'll give you time to research who is the best option for you in terms of skill and results.

Another option you can try is to add Rogaine 5% to the recipient area for now. Can't hurt.

10-03-2012, 12:39 PM

You are correct in that I do not know anything about the doctor you had your procedure with.

No doubt you have learned alot from this experience and I totally agree with NEGuy.

I still think if you keep your head uncovered as much as possible, you may see the regrowth improve. Whenever not out in public, keep your head uncovered as much as possible.

Best wishes to you my friend. ;)