View Full Version : Hi guys. 28 year old here wanting to commiserate

09-23-2012, 12:32 PM
Started noticing hairloss around 26. Hairline was noticeably higher by age 27. This summer, hairline is has not continued to move up my scalp, but hairline and temple area is somewhat noticeably thinning throughout.

To remedy my hair loss I started taking saw palmetto 7 or 8 months ago while using nizoral 1% and nioxin. I thought it was working, and even noticed (what I perceived as) hair regrowth after about 3 months. I thought everything was A-OK until this summer when I experienced MASSIVE shedding. This shedding didn't let up until around this week.

At this point I'm willing to explore my options to avoid being noticeably bald. Right now I'm thinking about trying rogaine foam with Nizoral 2%. FIN isn't an option (I'd actually rather go bald than risk the sides), unless some clever soul can convince me otherwise. Are there any other treatment options you guys recommend? I'm willing to go bald.. I am just hoping to stave off genetics until I'm married and established in my career.