View Full Version : HST – Donor Regeneration Process

09-22-2012, 06:44 AM
Based on gc83uk’s HST image gallery and documention…
…I simplified his donor regeneration process photos somewhat …
… so that viewers are able to observe the HST regeneration process somewhat better and at a glance.

Anyway, what happened or will happen with extraction site e.g. #50 ?
Or in other words, what means “still unclear”?
source: page 8 (http://www.hasci.com/uploads/downloads/dad01225-0ceb-4a30-90c4-771ed900f25aHSI%20-%20Artikel_Gho%20Neumann.pdf)

If gc83uk is able to take a photo in the clinic (with his OWN Nikon camera!) from the same observation area BEFORE having his 3rd HST extraction process, I’m pretty sure - we will know the answer. :rolleyes: