View Full Version : Dr. Cam Simmons 3602 fine grafts in front & meds for the crown

09-20-2012, 05:13 AM
This 40 year-old man had thinning hair in a Norwood 5A pattern. He had less hair loss in his midfrontal forelock. That made his hair look better in the frontal view, so his hair loss was more noticeable when he tipped his head down. He had finer than average, straight, dark brown hair and light skin.

We transplanted 3602 grafts in front, going a little further back on his left part side but still keeping an oval-shaped non-transplanted area in his midscalp and crown. By sampling, he had about 638 ones (18%), 2206 twos (61%), 600 threes (17%), and 158 fours (4%). He had scoring-blunt dissection and a 2-layered trichophytic closure.

He started Finasteride at the same time.

9 months later, he is happy with his transplanted hairline and his thicker hair in front. His hair in his crown has also improved because of the Finasteride.