View Full Version : gyno from fin?

09-18-2012, 11:03 AM
I had been on 1.25 of fin for 2 weeks before i started noticing a sore feeling in my upper pecs and arm pit area as well. I've noticed no change in the appearance of my chest no puffy nipples or increased fat deposits. I don't have sensitive, painful or itch nipples either.And when I try to feel for lumps under the nipple there's none I just feel muscle. I got off Fin after noticing these pains to see if they would go away after a week and a half but its still persists.Flexing and pulling weight with my pecs gives it that sore feeling so im thinking I might just be paranoid and it's just a strain.Any thoughts or similar experiences? All the symptoms I have read about on Gyno don't mention actual chest pain.