View Full Version : My caboki review

09-17-2012, 06:13 PM
Got my free sample not too long ago and I must say this stuff is like miracle in a bottle for me. My crown is thinning and it's pretty obvious if my hair is short.

I've grown it out a bit and style it to one side so there's less visible diffusion. A few dabs from this caboki stuff and it no longer looks like I'm thinning. It looks natural and none of it rubs off on my fingers. I don't use any hair spray either.

I'm sure other hair concealers work just as well especially if you don't have to use too much. I think the people who say these hair concealers don't work well are people who have to use a lot of it.

If I had to use a lot of this stuff to cover a large area or a bald spot then I think I'd might have some anxiety about getting found out. I definitely would recommend this stuff if you've just started to noticeably thin out. This sample bottle will probably last me several months at least but maybe even a year.

I'm pretty damn thankful there's something like this available.