View Full Version : Dr. Cam Simmons-Early growth at 5 Months after 3112 grafts in front

09-17-2012, 07:48 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have been following the forum for a while but I have never posted. I will be posting photos and stories for Dr. Simmons. Here is my first post:

This 51 year-old patient had a thinning forelock with mostly a Norwood 3A pattern. There was some early thinning in his crown in a Norwood 5 pattern. He had short, wavy and salt-and-pepper hair with average donor density and flexibility.

Dr. Simmons transplanted 3112 grafts in front. By sampling, we transplanted 243 ones (8%), 1103 twos (36%), 1407 threes (45%), 260 fours (8%), and 99 fives (3%). There was a higher than average 2.6 hairs per graft. Dr. Simmons used Score-blunt donor dissection and 2-layer trichophytic closure.

He has earlier than expected growth at 5 months post-op and is very happy with his results thus far. He may use medical treatment to support the hair in his midscalp and crown.